President Trump Announces Where He Will Be Donating His New Pay Check Proving Just How Much He Loves Our Men & Women In Uniform

It was previously reported that President Donald Trump decided to donate his first term’s presidential paycheck, each year’s salary going to different causes. The total donation amount will equal $1.6 million when all is said and done, as each year’s salary is a healthy $400,000. It’s great to see Trump sticking to his word and donating the money.

This past Wednesday, it was announced by the White House that his most recent paycheck will be going to help United States veterans transition to civilian life after their service.

President Trump will donate his 2018 second quarter salary to the Small Business Administration,” The Washington Examiner wrote.

Linda McMahon, a Small Business Administrator, stated that the President would be donating the $100,000 in order to help fund a training program which will run for more than half the year and will allow our veterans to be successful in civilian life.

“We thank the president very much for this, and it will be put to very good use,” McMahon stated.

President Trump previously donated one of his $100,000 paychecks to the Department of Veterans Affairs. As we all know, the Obama White House didn’t do much to aide the VA, so Trump took it upon himself to make a special effort and go out of his way for the men and women who defend/have defended our great nation.

We have never seen a President donate their salary the way Trump has. So, why is it that the liberal left and the mainstream media like to portray him as a money-hungry jerk?

Conservative Tribune writes:

Trump’s critics, of course, have pointed out that he is independently wealthy, which is certainly true. However, opponents of the president have also insisted that Trump is using the Oval Office to become more rich, a claim that was just blown out of the water by Forbes Magazine.

Although liberals wrung their hands over dire predictions of Trump putting his business empire above the country, it looks like the opposite is happening.

“President Donald Trump has fallen 138 spots on a Forbes list of the richest people in the U.S. since he launched his presidential campaign in 2015,” wrote Business Insider. “Over that time, Trump’s net worth shrank by roughly $1.4 billion.”

To someone like President Trump, who is independently wealthy outside of his job as the President of the United States, $100,000 doesn’t seem like much. But, by him choosing to donate the money rather than hoard it for himself, it shows that he is willing to keep his promise to Americans and help those who need it. He is leading by example, and tearing down the liberal picture that has been painted of him.

Trump has worked his entire life to create jobs for other Americans. He was creating jobs before he became President, and has continued to create jobs since taking office.

Let us not forget that President Trump made a promise to put our country first, and he has been following through on that promise. The man has lost billions of dollars and has continued to voluntarily donate his presidential paycheck. So, while he may not be perfect, the liberal claim that he is just another rich politician who doesn’t care about anyone else is totally false.