Tick Tock: It Looks Like Rod Rosenstein’s Head Will Be The Next To Roll

Also remember, Rosenstein authorized the final FISA application in the second half of 2017 with full knowledge that no legitimate predicate existed for its issuance.  When Trump declassifies the application Rosenstein’s complicity in the coup attempt will be exposed.

To recap:

  • Rosenstein recommended firing Comey
  • Rosenstein then appointed a special counsel absent underlying predicate to do so based solely on the basis that the firing of Comey represented obstruction of justice.
  • Rosenstein gave the special counsel broad investigative authority to find something with which to incriminate Trump.
  • Rosenstein, and/or his subordinates, continued the practice of leaking to the media in violation of longstanding policy to protect the innocent until guilt has been established.

This is not the manner in which a responsible prosecutor operates.  At least not in the United States where we have Fourth and Fifth Amendment amendment protections.

Rosenstein did more than just stand by while the mainstream media convicted President Trump, he, along with others, orchestrated this despicable plot.

Now, he awaits his day of reckoning.