Tick Tock: It Looks Like Rod Rosenstein’s Head Will Be The Next To Roll

  • Fired-FBI Director James Comey ran with it from there.  Under Comey’s watch an expansive network developed intent on bringing down Donald Trump.

As the graphic illustrates, the “Insurance Policy” against a Trump presidency involved more than just a rogue agent (Peter Strzok) and an FBI attorney (Lisa Page).

This should’ve been obvious to everyone from the outset.  Forget the incriminating text messages between the two, Strzok would’ve never been able to get away with tanking the Hillary email investigation without Comey’s complicity.

And why would Comey, despite reams of evidence proving Clinton’s criminal liability, not have passed a criminal referral to then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch to let her make the decision whether or not to indict?

Frankly, why would Loretta Lynch, having heard Comey lay out the case against Hillary Clinton, before he exonerated her, not have seized control of evidence to present to a grand jury if she were on the up and up?

This, after all, is established operating procedure between the investigative agency (FBI) and the agency (DOJ) that handles the decision whether to prosecute or not.

But there remains a large number of Americans apparently living under a hypnotic spell cast by former President Obama and wannabe Hillary Clinton, and the constant drumbeat from the mainstream statist media, who argue that this is all just a conspiracy theory and that given enough time evidence of the Tooth Fairy will found to be hiding evidence proving Donald Trump is Putin’s puppet.

Already, while those Obama-Hillary sycophants cling to their hopes, many top level officials – holdovers from the Obama administration – at the FBI and DOJ have been removed.  Those are the small fish, the pawns if you will.

Now, the fears of the bigger fish that their time in the barrel is coming are increasingly likely to be realized.

It is widely expected that President Trump is about to declassify documents that will prove the intelligence community’s plot to stage a coup d’etat against his presidency.  This release is a near certainty and is expected this week.