Tick Tock: It Looks Like Rod Rosenstein’s Head Will Be The Next To Roll

Opinion – I’m constantly dismayed by how uninformed and/or misinformed most Americans are about the facts surrounding the Russia-Trump collusion investigation.

The extent of the conspiracy that multiple intelligence agencies inside of government engaged in, with the full knowledge of the Obama White House, if not direct guidance from Obama himself, to first destroy the candidacy of, and then after his election, the presidency of Donald Trump is indeed mind boggling.

But let’s examine what is already known about the plot to destroy the political aspirations of now-President Trump and why a ten-part miniseries might not provide enough time to explain it all to the American people:

  • It is likely the plot was hatched (around the time that Donald Trump first announced his candidacy in 2015) under the guidance of discredited CIA Director John Brennan in cooperation with GCHQ head Robert Hannigan and the Five Eyes intelligence sharing network.  This is all explained in the links we have provided.

Brennan waited for British intelligence to develop (fabricate?) just enough raw, unverified evidence, and then briefed the Gang of Eight and passed the fraudulent case off to the FBI.

What would be Britain’s motivation for undertaking a clandestine operation to make sure Donald Trump was never elected? Two tweets by then-candidate Trump explains:

Keep in mind that Christopher Steele, the author of the unverified predicate evidence used to obtain surveillance permission on the Trump campaign team, has consistently been referred to as a “former” MI6 agent.  Perhaps the term former has been attached to mislead us.  

Regardless, the motive for the Obama administration to weaponize the intelligence agencies that were under its control has been staring us in the face all of this time..  

The unprecedented manner in which former President Obama, and former high ranking members of his administration have worked to undo or circumvent President Trump’s domestic and foreign policy initiatives since the election only bolster this suspicion.