Possible Mideast Breakthrough: Saudi Arabia Backs Israel, Trashes Obama Nuke Deal

Kirsters Baish| Leaders all over the Middle East and the rest of the world were in awe on Monday as Saudi Arabia’s crown prince confirmed Israel’s right to exist. He also bashed the former Obama administration’s horrific Iranian nuclear agreement.

The Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, caught other Arab leaders off guard when he told the Atlantic that Israelis have “a right to have their own land.” He explained that formal relations between the kingdom and Israel could be beneficial to both. Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s statement seemed to cause an uproar. Many see the prince’s affirmation  as a milestone in Donald Trump’s entire presidency, especially in his push for peace in this region. There is a newfound hope that Saudi Arabia might come to Jerusalem with some kind of formal diplomatic relations agreement.

He stated“I believe that each people, anywhere, has a right to live in their peaceful nation. I believe the Palestinians and the Israelis have the right to have their own land.”

The prince moved on to Iran’s Supreme Leader. He explained that the corrupt ruler was “trying to conquer the world.”

The Atlantic reported that the prince stated, “Hitler didn’t do what the supreme leader [of Iran] is trying to do. Hitler tried to conquer Europe. This is bad. But the supreme leader is trying to conquer the world.”

“President Obama believed that if he gave Iran opportunities to open up, it would change,” he went on. “But with a regime based on this ideology, it will not open up soon.”

 Watch the news report below:

The interview published by The Atlantic on Monday was full of the prince’s comments which reflected a slightly less hostile tone toward Israel. There are still no formal relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel. In addition, Saudi leaders have long criticized the Jewish state of Israel for the way they have treated the Palestinians as well as for limiting all access to Muslim holy sites that are located in Jerusalem.

The New York Time reported:

But the kingdom’s stance toward Israel has changed with the rise of Prince Mohammed, who is 32 and is seeking to overhaul Saudi Arabia’s economy and its place in the world. His words on Monday were actually less harsh toward the Palestinians than reports ofhis previous statements.

Instead of seeing Israel as an enemy, Prince Mohammed has come to view the Jewish state as an attractive regional economic and technological hub as well as a potential partner in the kingdom’s cold war with Iran. And part of that is recognizing Israel’s right to exist, preferably in the context of a peace deal with the Palestinians.