Kavanugh Witch-Hunt Implodes As Internet Explodes With Democrats Saying They’ll Be “Voting All Red” For “First Time Ever”

KAVANAUGH WITCH-HUNT BACKFIRES: Internet EXPLODES With Democrats Saying They’ll Be “Voting All Red” For “First Time Ever.”

The Democrats were all smiles when they thought their smear campaign on Brett Kavanaugh was working but the Kavanaugh witch-hunt has backfired.

Millions of people watched the testimonies of Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh and were disgusted with how the democrats turned our Senate into a circus.

Ford’s uncorroborated accusations, crocodile tears and shaky, at best, testimony in contrast to Kavanaugh’s thoughtful introduction, supportive friends and family.

The evidence from detailed calendars left people angry at the Democrats who put this together.

Democrat Senators were sure that Ford’s emotional, yet lacking in real tears, testimony was what they needed to stop the confirmation of Kavanaugh.

Instead, they pushed independent voters and Democrats to support Republicans.

So, here comes the red wave!

One Twitter user set off a chainreaction of former democrats wanting to switch over to only voting Republican all because of the way the Democrats treated Brett Kavanaugh.

Below are some of the responses he received from his tweet:

Will be my first vote in my 40 years. RED!! All the way!

I just told my wife that. I used to go through the ballot. From here on out, I vote straight ticket republican. Crazy thing, I’m a former democrat. Democrat party today is filled with power hungry leftist. Not my party… READ MORE @ AMERICAN JOURNAL

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