People Just Found What Billy Graham Posted to Facebook Moments Before He Died … Wow It’s Powerful

Kirsters Baish| Christians all over America were shocked to hear about the passing of Evangelist Christian Minister Billy Graham yesterday morning. Graham was 99 years old. It was only a few hours before his death that he posted to his Facebook page one final time.

You can see his post below:

Graham wrote:

“If you went for a walk in the woods, but then decided to wander off the path, and found yourself surrounded by a thicket of thorns and poison ivy, who would you blame? Would you blame the person who built the path? No, of course not. Instead you’d blame yourself if you were honest, because you alone were responsible for wandering from the path.

In a far deeper way, this is what happens when we decide to leave God out of our lives. For a time, it may seem like wandering away from Him doesn’t make any difference; it may even seem easier and freer. But eventually it catches up with us—just as wandering off that path and into the thicket caught up with you.” —Billy Graham

Vice President Mike Pence did a wonderful job of putting into words just how much Graham impacted our country:

Fox News reported that Graham had been having health issues for a while, but he was often listed as one of the “Ten Most Admired Men in the World.”

Fox News was notified that Graham had died of “natural causes.” Graham’s days of crusading brought him from the middle of busy Manhattan all the way to the isolated villages of Africa. The Bill Graham Evangelistic Association webpage states that Graham preached to more people in person than anyone in history.

The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has had roughly 215 million people as audience members in over 185 countries and territories, and as Fox News puts it “‘hundreds of millions more’ viewing him on television, video, film and webcasts.”

Graham once stated, “My one purpose in life is to help people find a personal relationship with God, which, I believe, comes through knowing Christ.”

He was hospitalized back in 2011 at Mission Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina. Sources revealed that he was there for what they called “evaluation and treatment of his lungs.” That same year, Graham was hospitalized again for pneumonia.

Fox News reported:

William Franklin Graham Jr. was born Nov. 7, 1918 and raised on a dairy farm in Charlotte, N.C.

At 15, he made his personal commitment to Christ at a revival meeting in Charlotte. After attending Bob Jones College and the Florida Bible Institute, Graham was ordained a Southern Baptist clergyman in 1939.

President Donald Trump also sent out a tweet in tribute to Graham.

USA Today also reported that one Duke University professor of Christian history, Grant Wacker, stated that Graham had represented “What most decent churchgoing people thought and ought to think.”

Graham wasn’t once involved in any kind of sexual or financial scandal. After transcripts of conversations that Graham had with Richard Nixon came out and revealed anti-Semitic comments made by Graham, he was extremely apologetic. The man paved the way for American Protestant life. He popularized the most important message of Christianity, the fact that Christ died for our sins.

USA Today wrote:

Graham was, however, drawn to power. Eventually, he met, prayed with, comforted and joked with 12 U.S. presidents, and Graham learned to walk a tightrope.

He found a fine balance that allowed him to become America’s pastor, Democrat or Republican. North or South.

When President Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky came to light, Graham called for forgiveness. Clinton told Peter Boyer of The New Yorker, “He took sin seriously. But he took redemption seriously. And it was incredibly powerful the way he did it.”

After all of his years honoring God on earth, let’s pray that Billy Graham is resting in peace.