Paul Ryan & Jeff Flake Team Up to Attack Trump… Then Fox Host Leaks Their Worst Nightmare

Kirsters Baish| President Trump’s proposed trade plan was brutally attacked by Senator Jeff Flake and Speaker Paul Ryan this week. Ryan claimed that the plan would ruin our country’s economy. Senator Flake called his plan “poisonous.”

President Trump wants to enforce tariffs on all aluminum and steel imports from all countries who have been doing the United States dirty when it comes to trade deals. Following the attack on Trump’s plan from Senator Flake and Speaker Ryan, Fox News Host Steve Hilton exposed something that will have them in tears.

Hilton really gave the two establishment Republicans what for. He reminded them that comments like theirs are part of the reason that Trump won over everyone else back in the 2016 presidential election.

“He’s a populist, not a Republican. He beat the establishment Republicans in 2016. Every single one of them. And one of the main reasons he beat them was trade. He made clear he would get rid of the open-borders trade agenda that helped the elite but hurt American workers.”

The news host went on to remind everyone that the trade policies of the last three United States Presidents have been pretty terrible and have in fact helped our enemies.

“China, our biggest global enemy, we made them richer and put them on the path to world domination… Great job Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama who helped make that happen.” WATCH THE VIDEO ON THE NEXT PAGE