Patriots Rising: Special Agent Pientka About to Blow Lid Off FBI Corruption – To Testify, “It Was All Comey”

Elder Patriot – Patriotic FBI agents are asking Congress to subpoena them so that they might legally testify without breaking the laws governing their testimony.  It’s hard to see how their testimony will help Comey or those who conspired with him.  It would appear that the only agenda of these agents is to restore the good name of the bureau. 

Special Agent Joe Pientka was the second agent in the room when Peter Strzok questioned President Trump’s Director of National Security, General Michael Flynn during a drop in interview four days into the Trump administration.

Strzok and Pientka were walking by Flynn’s office – or so Flynn was led to believe – when they literally just dropped in.  According to reports, Flynn received them warmly and honestly.  Flynn had no idea he was under official questioning.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley who is investigating the FBI and DOJ’s role in the plot against Donald Trump, has also stated that [FBI] Director [James] Comey specifically said during that briefing that the FBI agents who interviewed Lt. General Michael Flynn, “saw nothing that led them to believe [he was] lying.”  Grassley added that his own Committee staff’s notes indicate that Mr. Comey said the “agents saw no change in his demeanor or tone that would say he was being untruthful.”

That confirms the accounts of numerous law enforcement officials who have all confirmed that neither Strzok nor Pientka saw any signs of dishonesty on Flynn’s part.

That didn’t stop special counsel Robert Mueller from turning the screws on Flynn in an attempt to get him to flip on Donald Trump.  Mueller who is known for his prosecutorial overreach wouldn’t let go and kept turning those screws until Flynn’s legal bills eventually forced him to sell his family’s home.  Flynn decided to plead guilty to one count of lying to a federal officer just to stop the bleeding.

Earlier this month, as proof that Mueller has conducted a witch-hunt rather than a proper inquiry continued to mount, Grassley demanded to see the underlying 302’s of what amounted to an ambush interview that January 2017 day in Flynn’s office.  Grassley is looking for confirmation that the 302’s would confirm that Flynn had been screwed by either Comey (if the 302’s were altered) or by the over zealous Mueller.

Then, just last night, Jack Posobiec tweeted that Special Agent is planning on testifying about what went down during the Flynn interview and thereafter.  And, it won’t help Comey one bit:

It would appear that Pientka carries a special animus towards how you ran the bureau.  Welcome to the party, Mr. Comey. 

Oh, yeah.  And this proves there are good, patriotic men and women still prepared to defend the Constitution and by doing so, the freedoms of the citizens of the United States.