Patriot Patiently Holds Salute For President Trump, Then An Amazing Moment Transpires on Live TV

Kirsters Baish| On Saturday evening, President Donald Trump was speaking at a campaign-style rally being held in Delaware County, Ohio. One audience member in particular wanted to show a special kind of respect to our Commander in Chief, so he stood saluting Trump until he was seen. When Trump saluted back, the audience went wild.

Fox News reports that President Trump was in the suburban county of Columbus, Ohio to help Troy Balderson with his campaign. Balderson is running in this coming Tuesday’s special election for a seat in the 12 Congressional District of Ohio. The district is generally more Republican, and things are looking good for the Republicans this coming fall in the midterm elections.

President Trump made his way out to address the crowd. A man wearing a United States Army shirt and hat could be seen saluting him. President Trump responded by saluting him back, which created hype in the crowd.

Take a look at the video of the salute below. The salute start at 6:41:53; POTUS Trump returns the salute to the man at 6:42:19.

The Daily Caller reported, “The man watched the president circle the podium, standing firm and holding the salute until President Trump, turning to survey the crowd, snapped to attention and returned the salute.”

Trump spoke to the crowd after the exchange with the man, saluting the candidate and calling him “really smart” and “a really hard worker.”

The President went on to say that Balderson would “fight for Ohio.” He indicated that voting for Democrat Danny O’Connor would only encourage the abolishing of ICE and the rest of the ridiculous liberal narratives.

“A vote for Danny boy and the Democrats is a vote to let criminals and drugs pour into our country,” Trump asserted. “And to let MS-13 run wild in our communities. And you know what they do once they’re there.”

Trump explained that our ICE agents are “brave” and “fantastic for this country,” in the same token saying that a vote for O’Connor “is a vote for open borders, which equals massive crime.”

“If you want to have a border, if you want to stop the radical Pelosi and Waters — Maxine Waters — agenda, there’s only one choice in this election,” Trump explained. “That’s vote for Troy Balderson.”

The President wrote on Twitter earlier in the day calling O’Connor a “puppet of Nancy Pelosi.”

Conservative Tribune writes, “Balderson, meanwhile, emphasized both the open borders argument and other issues like the Second Amendment and the economy as reasons for conservatives to come out and vote on Tuesday.”

“Dishonest Danny O’Connor wants to repeal those middle-class tax cuts. Dishonest Danny O’Connor wants to take away your guns. Dishonest Danny supports open borders and sanctuary cities,” Balderson said to the audience.

He continued, “Dishonest Danny O’Connor will fight against the policies that are turning our country around. And worst of all, Dishonest Danny O’Connor will vote for Nancy Pelosi for speaker.”

RealClearPolitics has released three recent polls of the district which show Balderson slightly leading, but his lead has come down from his double-digit lead results from a June poll showed.

RealClearPolitics reports that undecided voters have leaned more toward O’Connor. Along with President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence has pushed to support Balderson recently.