His Sister Was Murdered At Parkland, Now He’s Telling The Truth About How Hogg Really Treated Mass Shooting Victims

Kirsters Baish| You won’t hear it from the mainstream media, but one student from Parkland, Florida has come out to tell the truth about what survivor turned anti-gun activist David Hogg is really like towards his fellow classmates. Patrick Petty lost his sister, Alaina, in the February 14 shooting, and according to Patrick, Hogg is a completely different person in real life than he pretends to be while in the media spotlight.

Patrick took to Twitter to explain that Hogg didn’t so much as offer his condolences to him after his sister was murdered. For a guy who claims to care so much, David doesn’t seem to have his priorities straight. The fact that Hogg spends so much time on private jets flying from event to event and so little time trying to help the actual victims is troubling.