Papadopoulos Makes Major Spygate Revelation Stating Obama Justice Department Set Him Up, MSM Silent

Kirsters Baish| The mainstream media cannot be trusted. This story is the perfect example as to why! A former campaign staffer to President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, George Papadopoulos, was sentenced to just fourteen days in prison this past Friday. Papadopoulos was set up by the Obama DOJ during the 2016 election.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Papadopoulos appeared on CNN and ABC this past weekend in order to talk about his part in Spygate. He explained to leftist anchors that the Obama administration had sent a spy, Stephan Halper, to London after the Trump campaign brought him on. Papadopoulos claimed that Halper set him up.

Papadopoulos said, “I received an unsolicited email from Stephan Halper who I thought was a Cambridge professor inviting me. So he reached out and said I want you to write a paper for me. I joined him about a week later over drinks at the hotel in London where all of the sudden he pulls out his phone. Everyone has phones when they meet with me and he places it in front of him and he begins to tell me, ‘So George, of course hacking is in the interest of your campaign. Of course, the Russians are helping you.’ These open-ended questions, and, ‘Of course, you’re probably involved in it too. That’s correct right?’”

Papdopoulos went on to claim that Halper started to get nervous and and his attitude changed when he told him that he had “no idea what you’re talking about” in reference to hacking and Russians.

Bret Baier tweeted, “Also on 11pm Fri. @jaketapper special- Papadopoulos says when he tells Halper ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about’ at a bar on q’s about hacking & Russians & collusion-Halper ‘began to sweat-his demeanor changed-he became aggressive-his tone changed like I was lying to him.'”

The Obama Justice Department set George Papadopoulos up.

Stephan Halper was paid more than $400,000 by the Deep State for his work at this time.

The mainstream media has not reported on this breaking development.