Panic Attack: Hillary Flies Off the Handle in Public Tirade of 10 Tweet Rant Over Kavanaugh’s Upcoming Hearings

Kirsters Baish| While the rest of America celebrated Labor Day this past Monday, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton spent her day slamming President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Twitter. Clinton has been working with fellow Democrats in order to make a desperate attempt at stopping Kavanaugh’s nomination from going through. Interestingly enough, Kavanaugh proves to be a fine candidate, having spent much of his life working on upholding United States’ law.

Hillary Clinton went on the attack yesterday in what Patriot Beat called a “Twitter tirade.”

She started off by tweeting, “Happy Labor Day. There’s no better time to talk about why workers’ rights would suffer if Brett Kavanaugh, whose hearings for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court start tomorrow, is confirmed.”

Then, in a response to her own initial attack on Kavanaugh, Clinton tweeted “The Roberts Court has dealt some big blows to workers and unions in the last few years. With Kavanaugh on the Court, a 5-4 hard-right majority would be even more aggressive in siding with corporations over people.”

Off of that tweet, she wrote “The Court’s ruling in Janus v. AFSCME earlier this summer overturned a 40-year-old precedent to hold that public-sector workers with union contracts don’t have to pay fees or collective bargaining expenses if they’re not members.”

Her tirade continued as she tweeted, “That ruling won’t just hurt seven million public-sector union workers with contracts. It’ll hurt all workers, because union deals on wages and working conditions affect what businesses without unions do, too.”

You’re kidding yourself if you thought that she was done there. She went on to claim, “The Court has also recently granted corporations the right to deny workers reproductive health care and made it harder for workers to sue businesses by allowing companies to force employees to sign mandatory arbitration clauses with their contracts.” Why was it no surprise that she had to drag free birth control into it? Classic Hillary move.

She went on to state, “In other words, the Court has already been widening the disparity in power between corporations and workers. Kavanaugh’s record from his time as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia shows he’d help further that trend for a generation.”

She continued, “In 2014, he dissented in a case where the Occupational Safety and Health Administration held SeaWorld accountable for the death of a trainer.”

She then tweeted, “In 2016, Kavanaugh held that corporations have the right to punish workers for displaying pro-union signs in their cars.”

She finished off by saying, “Unions and labor movements are why we have workplace safety precautions, collective bargaining, weekends, minimum wages, and, yes, Labor Day.

We can’t afford more damage to workers’ rights. Make sure your senators hear from you: Let’s #StopKavanaugh.”

Didn’t Hillary get the memo? She didn’t win the 2016 presidential election. She is not President of the United States. The American people do not care about her opinions. It’s time for her to pick up and move on.