Outrageous New Development in Mueller Probe May Halt Investigation: Bruce Ohr Testimony Reveals Obvious DOJ Corruption & Conflicts

Kirsters Baish| According to the Gateway Pundit, twice demoted Justice Department official Bruce Ohr’s testimony may mean that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against President Trump will be coming to a close. During his closed-door testimony, Ohr revealed significant corruption within the Department of Justice.

This past Thursday, Fox News Network investigative journalist Catherine Herridge reported that Bruce Ohr had been in contact with Andrew Weissmann in 2016. Weissmann had been a colleague of Ohr’s at the time, however he is now one of Robert Mueller’s top deputies. Herridge also claimed that Ohr had been in contact with other top FBI officials regarding the infamous (and fabricated) Trump “dossier.”

This is a major development, which could mean the end for Mueller’s corrupt investigation.

Earlier in the week, Ohr stood in front of Congress to testify in a closed-door hearing.

Fox News legal expert Gregg Jarrett said. “This should KILL the Mueller investigation!”

Jarrett stated, “This is a dramatic and stunning development that should effectively end Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation. And in fact he should immediately fire Andrew Weissman and terminate his special counsel probe.”

Take a look at the clip from Hannity:

FOX News reported:

The sources said Ohr’s outreach about the dossier – as well as its author, ex-British spy Christopher Steele; the opposition research firm behind it, Glenn Simpson’s Fusion GPS; and his wife Nellie Ohr’s work for Fusion – occurred before and after the FBI fired Steele as a source over his media contacts. Ohr’s network of contacts on the dossier included: former FBI agent Peter Strzok; former FBI lawyer Lisa Page; former deputy director Andrew McCabe; Weissmann and at least one other DOJ official; and a current FBI agent who worked with Strzok on the Russia case.

Fox wrote that Weissmann knew what was going on and was “in the loop” regarding the dossier, as reported by sources close to the matter. This was during the time that Weissmann was serving as chief of the criminal fraud division. Now, Weissmann is working on Mueller’s team.

There are numerous names on the list who have been talked down on by President Donald Trump as he tries to put the Russia allegations to bed for good. The President has been hard on Bruce Ohr specifically, due to the fact that Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, worked for Fusion GPS in the past. Trump claims that there was clear bias against him coming from within the DOJ. This past Thursday, the President took to Twitter to talk about Nellie Ohr’s work for Fusion GPS. He wrote, “Bruce was a boss at the Department of Justice and is, unbelievably, still there!”