Ouch! President Trump Blasts Obama, Exposes His Failure To Provide The American People With Opportunity For Economic Success

Kirsters Baish| Many Americans would argue that Barack Obama was hands down the worst President our country has ever seen. To back that claim up, they could draw on one issue in particular, and that is the United States’ economy. Obama was the worst president our country has seen (in terms of economy) since World War II. He is the first President in our country’s history to never reach one year of 3.0% economic growth.

The former Democratic President is currently ranked as the fourth worst president in our country’s history in terms of GDP growth, coming in at 1.457 percent. Herbert Hoover came in at -5.65 percent, Andrew Johnson at -.70%, and Theodore Roosevelt at 1.41 percent are the only presidents do have a lower annual GDP average growth than Obama.

All you have to do is look at the facts. Obama had the lowest annual GDP growth rate out of all of the Presidents our country has had since World War II. Under Obama, workers in the United States began making less than they were when he first came into office. Between 2009 and 2014, average pay dropped four percent, as reported by the National Employment Labor Project.

Labor Participation rate is currently sitting at a 38-year low.

During his cabinet meeting on Thursday, President Donald Trump knocked former President Barack Obama and his failed liberal policies which left our country’s economy in shambles.

President Trump stated, “We’re creating manufacturing jobs at the fastest pace in memory. During the campaign everyone said it was impossible to create manufacturing jobs. The past administration, I won’t say who but I think you know, made a statement that we’re not going to have any manufacturing jobs. And we’re doing them by the hundreds of thousands.”

Obviously the mainstream media isn’t going to report on this.

Take a look at the video below: