After Oprah Screamed at & Insulted Trump Fan, His Brutal Reply Leaves Her Stunned

Kirsters Baish| When Liberal Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey hosted a segment on “60 Minutes,” she had a debate with “divided Americans” about President Donald Trump. During the discussion, Oprah followed up with the group, who she had previously spoken to months ago.

The billionaire touched on many issues that our country is facing, however, it all exploded when she asked the group about President Donald Trump’s alleged comments regarding people from “sh*thole countries.”

During the debate, a conservative Trump supporter named Matt Wiedenhoeft was singled out by Winfrey. The teacher and hockey coach was questioned specifically to make him look bad. Oprah asked Wiedenhoeft about the alleged “sh*thole countries” comment and then asked him if he supported his previous statements in which he explained that Trump speaks for people like him. 

Wiedenhoeft had an epic answer to Oprah’s question. He stated that President Trump wasn’t talking about the citizens from the countries, but he was talking about the countries themselves.

Oprah was originally supposed to be an unbiased moderator, however, she was clearly biased. She rolled her eyes after Wiedenhoeft’s comment and screamed, “MATT! If you’re talking about the Country you’re talking about the people in the country.”

Tom Nemcek, another Trump supporter, shot back at the former talk show host for asking the question in the first place. He exclaimed, “Were you guys in the room? Were you guys in the room? Were you in the room? Okay, because there’s three people who were in that room who said he never said this.”

He has a point. And if Oprah is supposed to be unbiased, she’s doing a terrible job of it.

Trump also called out Oprah via Twitter. He told the former talk show host that she should run against him so she can be “exposed and defeated just like all the others.”

Watch the debate below: