Where is the Media? Hillary Clinton Seen With Democrat Accused of Having Sex W/ Underage Girls

You’re not going to want to believe this one. Hillary Clinton will be supporting a Democratic senator for re-election who the DOJ claimed had sex with underage girls who were working as prostitutes. Hillary is due to appear on October 15th at a fundraiser for Senator Bob Menendez.

In 2017, Senator Menendez was put on trial for a total of 11 weeks on allegations of corruption. The DOJ dismissed the charges after a hung jury.

NorthJersey.com reports that the event Clinton is appearing at this month is being sponsored by “Women for Menedez.” Ticket range from $500 to $5,400 per person. The event was announced in September.

Ryan Fazio wrote on Twitter, “What possible reason could Democrats now have to support the candidacies of Sen. Bob Menendez, against whom prosecutors found corroborating evidence to support allegations of sex with underage prostitutes, and Rep. Keith Ellison, whose ex-gf and her son accuse of physical abuse?”

Steven Sandberg, a spokesman for Menendez stated, “Long friends and former colleagues, Hillary has been with Bob Menendez in the trenches as they fought for the issues New Jerseyans care about like women’s rights, good-paying jobs, access to health care and making college more affordable. She knows what’s at stake in this election and knows that New Jersey needs to send Sen. Menendez back to Washington.”

On Monday, a Stockton University poll was released which found that the Senator is leading by two points over his Republican challenger, Bob Hugin. Currently, Menendez has 45 percent and Hugin has 43 percent, as reported by Breitbart News.

While Menendez was not found guilty by the courts, the Senate’s ethics committee took issue with his close relationship with Dr. Salomon Melgen.

The committee stated, “Notably, you have not disputed the fact that you accepted numerous gifts from Dr. Melgen and took official actions related to his interests. Your decision to accept, and your failure to disclose, numerous gifts while simultaneously using your Senate office in furtherance of Dr. Melgen’s interest created, at a minimum, the appearance of impropriety.”

Western Journal writes:

The Menendez case had its roots in 2012 when a video surfaced in which women who said they were underage prostitutes claimed to have had sex with Melgen and Menendez.

The government at one point said in a filing that it had “specific, corroborated allegations that defendants Menendez and Melgen had sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.”

Menendez has been a vocal critic of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh based on 30-year-old allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford.

Republican New Jersey State Assemblyman Mike Carroll spoke of a double standard he has noticed among Democrats to NJ.com.

“If they think its legitimate to go after Roy Moore for something that allegedly happened 40 years ago for which there is no contemporaneous proof, then it’s perfectly fair to go after Bob Menendez based on events that have been corroborated and are much more recent,” Carroll stated in 2017.

While the charges were dropped, the DOJ stated that Menendez’s denials were not convincing.

“Moreover, when the allegations were first reported, defendant Menendez defended himself with public statements that are easily disprovable. Specifically, he repeated several times that he had only flown on defendant Melgen’s private jet on three occasions. That representation is demonstrably false,” the Justice Department stated in an official filing.

It also read that the claims “were not so easily disprovable as the defendants suggest,” as reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Her hypocrisy knows no bounds.