Obama’s Worst Nightmare: Nunes Sets His Sights On Brining Down Barack’s Spy Ring – Expands Probe to 42 Obama Officials, FBI Agents and Activists

Elder Patriot – Mounting evidence points to a much larger web of corruption conducted by the Obama administration than first reported.  

Once referred to as a “small group” within the FBI, the number of Obama-era appointees and paid political activists prepared to subvert the law in order to advance and protect Obama’s agenda is now spiraling far beyond that early definition.

The Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, Devin Nunes has found evidence to refer 42 Obama administration officials, FBI agents and outside political activists to a joint House task force for further investigation into their participation in Obama’s DOJ’s efforts to destroy the candidacy and later the presidency of Donald Trump.

Nunes has called for expanding the probe beyond the “small group” of FBI and DOJ conspirators in order to investigate newer revelations of FBI informants penetrating the Trump campaign’s inner circle of advisors, the much broader network of openly anti-Trump who were determined to subvert Trump’s ascendancy than originally thought, and the ways in which outside political activists were enlisted to undermine Trump.

HPSCI Chairman Nunes has sent letters to Trey Gowdy, Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and Bob Goodlatte, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, the other members of the joint task force, asking for their agreement on moving forward.

Nunes is seeking to enlist Gowdy and Goodlatte is this investigation because the committees that they chair have oversight jurisdiction over the FBI, DOJ, and the State Department.  

While we long believed that State played a role in the conspiracy to derail Trump, only recently has enough evidence surfaced to justify including the Clinton-corrupted agency in this inquiry.

Both Gowdy and Goodlatte have significantly larger staffs to aid in handling the much expanded workload that is now anticipated.

Keep in mind that Nunes is one of the Gang of Eight making him privy to the highest level of compartmentalized intelligence.  It’s doubtful he doesn’t already know, or have a damn good idea, about what the outcome of this investigation will be.

We’ve said it before, this is not going to end well for Obama.