Obama’s NSA Head, Susan Rice Knew of Russian Hacking, The Orders She Issued Explains Everything: Told Cyber Team To “Stand Down”

Elder Patriot – In a 29-page indictment Friday, special counsel Robert Mueller blamed specific officers in the Russian government for the 2016 hacking of Democrats, answering one of the central questions of his investigation.  How about telling us something we didn’t know? It’s widely acknowledged that everyone has been hacking everyone since the inception of the Internet. That includes our allies.

On October 24, 2013 it was revealed by the New York Times that the Obama administration had been caught spying (as in hacked into) the Merkel administration.

Meanwhile, Mueller claims he still hasn’t tied any Americans to the conspiracy to interfere in the race for the White House?  At least not anyone connected to Donald Trump or even the Republican Party. That’s because he’s intent only on finding evidence against President Trump, the man who committed himself to draining the corrupt D.C. swamp.

Sorry but we warned you that Mueller – and the team of similarly corrupted swamp scum that he has assembled to help him – would focus solely on protecting the swamp at any cost.  That was something that Mueller earned his stripes doing during the 12 years he ordered the F.B.I. to look the other way while serving as its director.

Evidence of Russian collusion with political figures is everywhere you look in Washington, including inside the Obama administration.  

In March of this year two Obama mouthpieces, Michael Isikoff and David Corn released a new book that reveals Obama’s former National Security Advisor Susan Rice issued a stand down order to national security council officials who were focused on developing aggressive options to respond to Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

What makes Isikoff and Corn’s revelation significant is these are Obama sycophants.  There even participated in promoting the now discredited Steele dossier and were mentioned in the FISA application to enhance that narrative.

Rice’s Russian “collusion” was confirmed by Michael Daniel, Cyber Security Coordinator who had reported directly to Susan Rice. During his Senate Select Committee on Intelligence testimony in late June, Daniel recalled that he had developed multiple strategies to respond to the Russian hackers.

When Daniel reviewed these plans with Rice she told him “Don’t get ahead of us.”  In plain English Rice gave him a stand down order.

This was not the first time Mueller was guilty of detective myopia, a condition where he became so obsessed in proving his case that he lost all objectivity.  His past is littered with prosecutorial overreach once he identified his target. That probably why he was chosen by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to be Special Counsel.

In February, when Rosenstein announced the 37-page indictment of 13 Russian operatives and 3 Russian entities both Rosenstein and Mueller ignored the role of John Kerry’s State Department in granting visas to those charged in the indictments.  

Why didn’t Mueller make an effort to talk to Kerry? Oh, that’s right.  He wasn’t focused on getting the facts just on getting Trump. Mueller’s mission is to protect the swamp at all costs.