Obama Just All But Guaranteed A Red Wave Come November … Whoops

Elder Patriot – The least accomplished man to ever be elected president of the United States, and who spent the eight years of his presidency stifling the raw animal spirit of the the free market while spewing rhetoric dividing Americans into tribal units, has spent the last week displaying both his ego and his willingness to twist facts in order to feed it.

From his remarks at John McCain’s funeral to his self-centered attention grab yesterday he proves he remains unwilling to face facts and that he remains unrepentant and determined to continue using our diversity to divide us.

This at least would be politically astute – even if morally repugnant – if there was any evidence that it was working.  But, there is no proof to support the man who considers himself the messiah.

The facts on the ground show that in astonishing numbers, Americans are disgusted with Obama’s divisive diatribes pitting demographic groups against each other.

Under Obama, the Democrats supermajority in the Senate turned into a Republican majority and the House flipped from Dem control to Republican control as well.

Democrats lost more than a thousand seats in state and local elections that diminished their farm system.  Perfect examples of the “Obama affect” are the ascendancies of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Andrew Gillum – radical leftist socialists – that Hussein endorses.

Most telling was Obama’s inability to secure the election of Hillary Clinton who not only had Obama’s 100% endorsement and promised to be his “third term,” but who was also backed by the most severe corruption conspiracy ever visited upon our intelligence agencies.

Obama can delude himself, and what’s left of his sycophantic followers, but the election of Donald Trump stands as the greatest repudiation of Obama, his rhetoric and his policies, by the American voter in the history of our Republic.

Obama was successful, to the extent that he was successful, because his economy throttling policies – primarily high taxes and over regulation – created intense competition for scarce resources.  

This allowed him to turn our diversity into a wedge that he used to divide Americans into tribal groups.  The result was people blaming one demographic or another for their problems on suggestions from his governmental and non-governmental allies.

Think liberal mayors snubbing their noses at established immigration law and turning their cities into sanctuary cities.  Think mayors like Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake who ordered the police to stand down while rioters caused maximum property damage.

Think Black Lives Matter, radical feminist groups, radical environmentalists, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Muslim Brotherhood, gay rights activists, La Raza, Puente Human Rights Movement, Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF,) the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and Antifa among dozens of other anarchist groups funded by Obama’s billionaire backers..

Today, President Trump’s colorblind economic policies are lifting everyone regardless of their skin color, gender, or country of origin, as well as any other group with minority designation – real or imagined.

This, more than anything else, is why Obama risks the shame that accompanies his performances this week.  Without identity politics, the left is left with nothing to run on.

Unless you consider open borders, higher taxes, abolishing ICE, trashing law enforcement, defunding the military, treasury draining trade deals, out-of-control spending, economic stagnation and shrinking wages a platform that Americans will embrace.

Obama left Americans confused about everything from economic theory to constitutional protections.  Nothing illustrates this more succinctly than the fact that millions of his followers can’t accept the most basic truth about their bodies and their sexuality.

One is left with the impression that if Obama directed them to carve their genitals from their bodies and await the arrival of the Hale-Bopp comet they would.  

Sadly, as the extent of the Obama administration’s corruption nears its reveal, Obama finds it impossible to remain quiet.  His ego, and/or his desire to cut America down to size, makes accepting his irrelevance unacceptable.

That’s his choice but the damage he has done, and is willing to do hide his lawless conspiracy to destroy our free elections, will leave a lasting scar on America and on those who to this day find it impossible to accept that their messiah was, in actuality, the devil.

It’s almost as though Obama has returned to the stage with all his glorious self-serving, and now rejected political rhetoric, to remind us to vote RED this November.