Obama Fit To Be Tied After Trump Trashes His Iran Nuclear Mess, Absurdly Accuses Trump Of ‘Eroding America’s Credibility’

Elder Patriot – There really was no defense for the Iranian nuclear deal – not when Obama summarily entered into it and at no time in the interim.  President Trump finally took the first steps towards guaranteeing Iran never achieves nuclear weapons capability by walking away from the “deal” that effectively served to handcuff IAEA inspectors and kicked the can down the road until 2025.

Obama never sought the approval of Congress when he committed the United States to the one-sided deal.  There’s a good reason he didn’t.  Listen to these Democrats who publicly opposed the deal when Obama agreed to it: (Democrats’ objections begin around 1:40 mark of the video)

As a matter of detail, Iran never signed onto the deal either.  So the deal, like so many of the other Obama signature “accomplishments” was the product of an unrestrained tyrant rather than a product of working with members of Congress.

The list of Obama diktats includes virtually everything this Marxist Manchurian president worked to achieve:

  • Iran deal
  • Paris Climate Agreement
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Ceded control of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to international commission
  • DACA
  • Normalizing relations with Cuba

The only things standing between President Hussein and complete historical irrelevance is Obamacare, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Dodd-Frank. 

With Trump’s repeal of the individual mandate, Obamacare will collapse under the weight of its own costs and replacing it with a program that actually works for the majority will be another political win for the American worker and President Trump.

Mick Mulvaney, one of the most reliable members of Trump’s administration has already begun cleaning out the CFPB and is adding a level of accountability that Obama and the Democrats had purposely written out of the bill that created it.

As to Dodd-Frank, many job-destroying “controls” have been repealed already but expect a massive overhaul – if not outright repeal of it – after the midterms.

Let’s return to the Iran deal, hopefully for the last time.

The last defense Team Obama could come up with as the deal was being wiped away was America gave her word.  Why would North Korea ever trust us to make a deal with them?  Listen to disgraced liar and Obama’s former CIA chief John Brennan try to make the case: (relevant comments begin at 1:00 makr)

Let’s take that by the numbers. 

America never made a deal with Iran, President Hussein did.

Obama’s history on this is clear if not widely known because his sycophant, cover-his-ass, mainstream media refused to report on readily available information.

Michael Ledeen former consultant to the United States National Security Council, the United States Department of State, and the United States Department of Defense, with deep knowledge of Obama’s interactions with Iran in the summer prior to his 2008 election explained:

“The actual strategy is detente first, and then a full alliance with Iran throughout the Middle East and North Africa.”

Keep that in mind when you consider the arrogance Obama displayed when he shoved the Iran deal on the world.

As far as why NoKo should trust us if we turn our back on Iran, consider that this argument is completely backwards.  North Korea is well aware what Trump is doing with Iran and, immediately upon Trump’s announcement that the Iran deal was dead Kim Jong-un released three American hostages.

There’s only one takeaway from this, and that is pulling out of the Iran deal increased Trump’s credibility in demanding that any deal he enters into must favor the United States.   

Kim now knows that the three decades old official U.S. policy of appeasement and “kicking the can down the road” in the interest of “containment” is over.  Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran deal made that abundantly clear.  The message is clear, get on board before this train leaves the station because the alternative won’t be pretty.

On the flip side, Iran will have no choice but to acknowledge the improvement in the quality of life in North Korea if an acceptable deal is struck between the United States, South Korea and North Korea.  Even if the Mullahs and the Iranian media refuse to acknowledge the inevitable results of such a deal the Iranian people will learn of it independently and that will have lasting effects on how the people there tolerate their government in the future. 

Iran and North Korea are indeed inextricably tied together.  But, for once, we have a president who understands how they are, and is determined to use that in the favor of world peace.