Obama Enlists Jay-Z In His Treasonous Attempt To Sabotage Trump & His Plan To Make America Great Again

Kirsters Baish| It seems that former President Barack Obama won’t give up on pretending that he’s still relevant and that what he has to say matters. We are now learning that the former POTUS begged rapper Jay-Z to prevent other rappers from meeting with President Donald Trump after the whirlwind of press coverage on pro-Trump rapper Kanye West.

Pro-Trump activist Josh Cornett made the claim that the former President had contacted the rapper writing, “Sources are confirming that former President Barack Obama has called Jay-Z several times over the past month pleading with Jay-Z to discourage fellow Hip Hop artists from meeting with President Trump.”

The tweet has since been retweeted more than 7,800 times and has received nearly 11,000 likes.

The tweet was even liked by President Trump’s own son, Donald Trump Jr. This left a lot of Americans wondering if the story was, in fact, true.

The story has not yet been confirmed, however, it would make perfect sense that the left would be using someone influential like Jay-Z to silence Kanye West and anyone else who is pro-Trump. The midterm elections are getting closer and closer, and the Democrats are getting more desperate.

Infowars.com reports:

In the week after Kanye West tweeted his support for Candace Owens, a vocal African-American Trump supporter, Trump’s popularity amongst black males jumped from 11 per cent to 22 per cent.

It has also been pointed out that before Trump ran as a Republican, he was a popular figure amongst the hip hop community, being name dropped in the lyrics of numerous hit songs.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen the Democratic Party use Hollywood celebrities to turn Americans against Trump. Jay-Z and his wife, pop star Beyonce, are two celebrities who have been very vocal about their distain for President Trump. During the presidential election, they both openly supported Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton.

The Democrats have been terrified ever since Kanye sent out that first pro-Trump tweet sporting his “Make America Great Again” hat.

Take a look at the Infowars video report below: