Nunes Just Went On National TV & Confirmed The Obama Admin’s Worst Nightmare … “It’s Over’

Elder Patriot – President Trump’s supporters have been waiting for this since the day he announced his candidacy for the presidency.  It is also the moment that his detractors have been dreading. 

We’ve had to endure an awful lot of their blind stupidity and deprecating comments since well before his election and now the Deep State, that fed these sheople all of that anti-Trump nonsense, is about to find out Donald Trump was serious when he promised us he was going to “Drain the Swamp.”

Just moments ago the President Trump posted this tweet:

Only 18 days ago Trump warned them to call off the dogs when he posted this tweet/warning:

Trump warned them he was aware of his Constitutional authority but his enemies were so intent on protecting the lead dogs, and so convinced they were invincible that they ignored him.  Their arrogance means they are now facing the release of every document that Trump chooses to show we the people

And, these documents will implicate far more of the Deep State actors than only the out-of-power Clintonoids and Obamaites.  This will result in a total cleansing of our governmental agencies, or at least as total of a cleansing as possible.

This message was coordinated with Devin Nunes who appeared with Maria Bartiromo on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures to discuss the breaking news that this week that had the mainstream media suddenly constructing narratives to excuse the past administration’s completely illegal and inexcusable spying on Americans:

Nunes knows what’s coming but he chose to play it straight instead and couched everything as “if any of this is truethen “it’s over.”

If any of that is true, if they ran a spy ring or an informant ring and they were paying people within the Trump campaign, if any of that is true that is an absolute red line. There’s not an honest person in this country who could believe that taxpayer dollars going to fund this ring and operate like this what is said in The New York Times that has quite a bit of detail on it, if any of that is true it’s a red line in this country. You can’t do this to political campaigns. According to them this was done in the spring before the counter-intelligence was even open. If that’s true, we need to know about it… If they paid someone it’s an absolute red line and this is over with!”

Nunes left some wiggle room but the facts are already in the public domain thanks to the mainstream media who thought they were building their narrative when they went public with the story. 

The same Deep State media that outed the Deep State’s “informant” they had planted in the Trump campaign, Stefan Halper, thinking it was adding gravitas to their reporting, is now warning the president not to play fast and loose with national security.

From CNBC:

And this warning tweet from Schmuckie Schumer:

Suddenly Warner, who used his position as the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee to advance this pack of lies with surreptitious meetings and well-placed leaks, is warning the president not to exercise his Constitutional right – and in this case, his Constitutional responsibility – to clean out the vermin from our government.

Trump laid the perfect trap and he was man enough to endure their wrath and a very public investigation while he waited for the mainstream media to step in it.  Now they, and their Deep State handlers, are going to feel the pain that comes with being prosecuted for sedition, treason, and espionage that they tried hanging around Trump’s neck.

Now it’s our turn to enjoy the show.