Nunes Dropped A Nuke On Judge Jeanine Last Night: Trump Will Declassify Everything If Congress Fails To Expose Spy Gate

Elder Patriot – Everyone involved in the investigation into the Obama-led corruption of the DOJ, FBI, CIA and the Department of State knows it’s just a matter of when, not what, Trump will order declassified.  

There are two narratives circulating in D.C. and obviously, only one of them is true.  As more and more evidence of Obama-era illegalities in the use of counterintelligence and criminal investigations continues surfacing, Democrats, Obama associates and appointees, and their minions (Clapper, Brennan, Comey, et al) have increasingly adopted a defensive posture.

That is revealing in and of itself.

There are no longer any hidden unknowns about the wrongdoing – the role of Brennan’s CIA in establishing the foundation for the investigation, Comey’s FBI for running the politically motivated sham investigation, the participation of State in advancing the scam, and Clapper for refusing to acknowledge the conspiracy – and everyone inside the Beltway is waiting for President Trump to drop the hammer and declassify the affirmative documents.

Listen closely as Devin Nunes, Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence  reveals President Trump’s strategy to Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro last night.

“The president ought to just solve this once and for all, declassify, you don’t have to expose sources and methods, but most of that FISA, the pertinent parts of it could be declassified.  And he could answer for all of us who is telling the truth.

The president knows this but he is content to sit back and wait for the best time to give the order for maximum impact.  In the meanwhile the Inspector Generals and federal prosecutor John Huber are continuing to identify more and more “targets” that can be charged criminally as the evidence surfaces with time.

Think of this as a movie with President Trump as the director.  He’s building suspense while the conspiracy is unwound and, when the time is right, he’ll drop the hammer.