No Need To Fire Rosenstein or Mueller – Trump is Winning

Elder Patriot – President Trump met with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein at the White House yesterday.  The substance of their meeting is the subject of much debate by the talking heads in the mainstream media.  

The fact is, whatever they discussed is secondary to the optics that resulted and those optics favored President Trump.  

Public sentiment has been moving in the president’s favor for a while now.  Trump now enjoys a higher approval rating than former president Obama did at the same time in his first term.

Two things fuel trump’s popularity: policies that are working to benefit American workers as well as the president’s restrained comportment over the past several months.

Until recently, Trump and Obama were polar opposites of each other as to how they were perceived.  Obama was a charming snake-oil salesman foisting economy-killing regulations on business as he moved the nation closer to his socialist ideal.  And, Obama was able to count on the mainstream media to excuse away the bad news that was resulting from his policies. He also benefited from a compliant Republican Congress.

In contrast, Trump came is as a wrecking ball and immediately identified his targets – the mainstream media and Congressional Republicans whose only core value was which lobbyist should they sell their votes to.  

Trump’s initial rage made him an easy target for the mainstream media and they jumped on the opportunity to paint Trump as an out-of-control tyrant.  But, all of that is changing.

Trump’s supporters have always remained loyal to the man they were counting on to return America to her glory days and that loyalty is being rewarded.  Something else is happening though, that is causing Trump’s spiking popularity. It’s the metamorphosis of the way the president and his detractors are viewed by independents.

For many months now, President Trump has toned down the rhetoric and has been focused on policy.  The public has been treated to daily videos of the president meeting with world leaders, economic advisors, business leaders, and ordinary working-class people struggling to support their families.  

During this time, Trump has been able to reshape his image and convey the perception that he truly cares for Americans who want to work and contribute while still maintaining his reputation as the fighter they elected.

Meanwhile the mainstream media’s attacks on President Trump have become increasingly bombastic to the point that they have turned the president into a sympathetic figure.

Two recent events in particular seem to have sealed the turnaround of the president’s approval ratings – CBS’ Stormy Daniels interview and the FBI’s no-knock raid on Trump’s personal attorney’s office, home, and hotel room.

Those with the long knives pointed in the president’s direction – Special Counsel Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, CNN, MSNBC, the print media, the broadcast media, Democrats, and retiring Republicans – are now seen as desperate and increasingly unhinged in their attacks to the point that America has come around to the fact that Trump is now the adult in the room.  

Trump is winning.  At this point he has no reason to fire Rosenstein or Robert Mueller.  What was it that Napoleon said?

“Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.”

By meeting with Rosenstein yesterday, and not firing the DAG, Trump only reinforced the perception that he is thoughtful and his decisions are well measured.