New Cable TV Ratings Are Out: CNN’s Numbers Are Terrifyingly Bad. How Much Longer Than They Go On As They Are After Losing Out To Hallmark Channel?

CNN is a sinking ship. There is no denying that the once trusted news network has become a laughing stock among Americans. explains that the network “made the conscious decision to abandon journalistic integrity and do whatever they could to stop Trump’s agenda from succeeding. They’ve failed miserably and all they’ve managed to do is encourage the American public not to take the media seriously.”

And their ratings aren’t just bad.

They’re abysmal.

The Daily Caller reports:

Fox News marked its 5th consecutive month as the most-watched cable network in primetime during the month of October, beating its competitors’ combined primetime viewership.

Fox also notched its 28th consecutive month as the number one network in total day ratings, according to Nielsen Media Research.

The only network to see growth within the key demographic of 25-54 year olds in both categories is Fox.

CNN is failing. They currently sit on the lowest spot among competitive cable news networks in the month of October. They came in 9th place after Fox Sports 1, Home and Garden Television,… and THE HALLMARK CHANNEL! CNN came in 7th in the daily total. yup, behind Hallmark and Nickelodeon.

CNN has been falling behind for a while, so this really isn’t anything new. explains that the network “has been struggling to beat Nickelodeon, The Food Network, and other channels that Fox News dominates on the regular.”

John Nolte of Breitbart News wrote more about CNN’s failing ratings:

The far-left CNN was wiped out in the ratings throughout all of October, despite this being one of the biggest news months in recent memory.

With fewer than one million total average primetime viewers — 931,000 to be precise — Fox News more than tripled CNN with 2.829 million total average primetime viewers.

In fact, in total primetime viewers, Fox News trounced CNN and MSNBC combined.

The ratings say it all. CNN is a lost cause.

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