Welfare Abusers Furious After President Trump Makes Huge Announcement: Now More Free Rides, Time to Get Up and Go to Work!

On Wednesday, the Trump White House signed off on new work requirements for welfare recipients. Now, many of those receiving aid from Medicaid in the state of Wisconsin will be forced to find a job and work if they want to keep on utilizing the program’s benefits.

Thanks to the Trump administration for signing off on the requirements, Wisconsin will now start charging welfare users who make between 50 percent and 100 percent of the federal poverty level premiums up to $8. They will also be responsible for emergency room copays for non-emergent services. .

Conservative Tribune writes that under these new rules, adults under 50 years old, who also do not have children, will be required to work a minimum of 80 hour per month in order to keep their coverage. The Hill reports that if they don’t keep up with the simple work requirements for 48 months, they will no longer have coverage.

Once they are removed from the welfare program, the applicant would then have to wait six months to reapply for assistance.

Governor Scott Walker was thrilled with the new requirements, writing in a tweet “We’re removing barriers to work to help Wisconsinites transition from government dependence to true independence!”

The midterm elections are less than a week away, so this could be a very risky move to have made for those conservatives running Wisconsin.

Governor Walker is going up against Democrat Tony Evers in this year’s election. Not surprisingly, Evers isn’t a fan of the new work requirements. He’s currently leading in numerous polls.

As Conservative Tribune notes, “Even if this decision costs Walker the governorship, it needed to be done. Welfare is seen by many as one of the worst things to impact poor communities. The benefits, which still do not require any work in most states, are said to subsidize unemployment and encourage fraud.”

Another state which recently set specific work requirements for Medicaid users is Arkansas. More than 4,000 individuals were cut from the taxpayer’s payroll following the implementation of the new conditions.

Conservative Tribune explains:

Need for social safety net programs is slowly disappearing, as nationwide unemployment has been steadily dwindling down ever since Trump’s historic victory in 2016. The unemployment rate recently hit a 49-year low and shows little signs of slowing.

More people are now working, and with a slowdown of welfare expansion, the American economy is primed for an even higher upwards trend.

Democrats are planning to undo that hard work, and how far they get with that plan all comes down to how conservative America confronts the democratic blue wave. With a bulwark of liberal voters ready to flood the polls on election day, only a large turnout of Republicans will be able to counter it.

Everything is riding on these midterm elections. November 6th is only a few days away, so it’s time to get out there and vote Red!

It is more than likely that work requirements will improve all over the country as Americans confirm the work that the GOP has been doing.  If the Democrats win, however, we might have to kiss welfare requirements goodbye.

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