Fmr New York City Police Commissioner Takes Off Mic Walks Out Of CNN, Politicizes “Mail Bombs”

After numerous suspicious packages were delivered to top Democrats (including former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton), CNN’s building in New York, and Hollywood actor Robert DeNiro earlier this week, an investigation began into the matter.

There was essentially zero information about who created or sent the bombs, however the mainstream media opted to politicize the entire thing, attacking President Donald Trump and his supporters and claiming that they were behind the bombs.

One CNN guest finally had enough of the liberal media’s lies. While on the air, former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik ripped off his microphone and left the show when the network refused to stop politicizing the story in order to attack the President.

Kerick, who bravely led the New York Police Department in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, spoke to Breitbart News on Wednesday in an exclusive podcast. He explained what prompted him to leave the CNN interview.

“I was scheduled to be on CNN. We were supposed to talk about the investigation and seizure of these devices, and right in the beginning of the set, they suspended us and they went to (former CIA Director) John Brennan, who was somewhere speaking … and then he went on a 10-minute rant about the president,” Kerik stated.

“You know, as somebody that led through the worst terror attack in our country’s history, and knows how important unity is — especially on a day like today, and in the aftermath of this — I just found it appalling that CNN would use this time to let this guy go on this political rant about the president, and I walked off,” he went on.

The former Police Commissioner recalled, “I took off the earpiece and the mic and I left. I just can’t stand it. It just turns my stomach what these people are doing, and it’s wrong. They should be focused on the investigation, focused on getting the information the FBI has out to the public in case somebody knows something. Get the visuals out to the public if they’ve seen something. I just think it’s wrong.”

Conservative Tribune writes:

Breitbart’s Joel Pollack sought to clarify the scene for listeners. “So they had you there to talk about the mail bombs, and you had to listen to a political rant by John Brennan, and they wanted you to address the politics, and you said you’re not doing that?” he asked.

But Kerik corrected Pollack on the sequence of events.

“Well, they didn’t even get to that part because I didn’t wait for him to finish,” Kerik explained of John Brennan. “I wasn’t going to stand there and listen to more of his rhetoric.”

He pondered, “Here’s the problem. Pre-interview and right up until this guy began to talk, I listened to everybody on CNN talking about how disruptive and terrible it is for people … to be uncivil. Nobody talked about Maxine Waters. Nobody talked about Eric Holder encouraging people to engage in violence. Nobody talked about a U.S. congressman attacked and shot on a baseball field.

“You know what? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander,” Kerik explained. “They make themselves out to be this group or this organization that’s trying to help when they are more divisive than anything else I’ve heard. It’s just wrong.”

Take a listen:

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