New Study Is Devastating For Democrats As It Shows Their Policies Cause Horrific Living Conditions, Societal Collapse & Poverty

Kirsters Baish| Statistics can often prove important points. A list of the 150 best-run cities was released by WalletHub recently. Western Journal writes, “Surveys of this type usually do a better job of creating some publicity for the company sponsoring the survey than they do settling any arguments about what truly is the best or worst of anything. And while there’s plenty of room for argument as to the statistical methodology WalletHub used to create its survey, there is one finding from this survey that, upon closer inspection, can’t be argued.”

15 out of the bottom 16 cities on the list have something very interesting in common. They are all run by Democrat mayors.

The political affiliations of the individual mayors were not listed by WalletHub. If you do some research, however, and look at the respective mayors of these cities and their political affiliations, it’s pretty obvious… they’re all Democrats

WalletHub’s list showed that Washington D.C. ranked last, just a little ahead of New York City and Detroit. Western Journal writes, “Also falling near the bottom of the survey are cities that have been longtime Democrat strongholds such as St. Louis (ranked 136th out of 150), Atlanta (137th), Los Angeles (138th), Chicago (140th), Cleveland (142nd), Oakland (145th), and San Francisco (147th).”

Gulfport, Mississippi was the only city with a Republican mayor out of the bottom 16 cities. It came out as number 14 on the list.
WalletHub reports that the survey was put together using information from six different categories. These categories included financial stability, health, education, safety, economy, and infrastructure and pollution. The numbers from these categories were then used to compile a “Quality of City Services” score for all cities. They divided the score by the dollar amount allotted for each respective city’s budget per capita. They used this to make a “Score per Dollar Spent” index. This was used to find the end rankings of all cities.

The end numbers take into account each city’s operating efficiency. This means that they take into account “how well city officials manage and spend public funds by comparing the quality of services residents receive against the city’s total budget,” as reported by WalletHub.

The five leading cities on the website’s list are Nampa, Idaho; Provo, Utah; Boise, Idaho; Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky; and Missoula, Montana.

There was only one “big city” on the top 10 list was Oklahoma City. This city ranked number 10 and its population sits around 640,000 people. Oklahoma City is governed by a Republican mayor.

CBS Detroit reports:

“We constructed a ‘Quality of Services’ score made up of 35 metrics grouped into six service categories, which we then measured against the city’s per-capita budget,” WalletHub financial writer Adam McCann said.

Ironically, the District of Columbia, which is home to the nation’s budget makers, was ranked as the worst city when it comes to budget per capita. DC also finished near the bottom of the 150-city list in terms of public education and health scores.

Detroit, the second “worst-run” city, finished in last place in WalletHub’s rankings for financial stability and overall economy.

St. Louis, the 15th-worst-run city, posted the worst score in terms of safetyaccording to the survey.