New Report Shows Awan Was Above The Law, Not Only Was He Selling Classified Intel (Allegedly), He Was Stealing Congress’ Computers Outright

Elder Patriot – The level of corruption inside Washington’s swamp becomes more mind-boggling with each passing day.  It was one thing to learn that a family of unqualified and unvetted Pakistani nationals had been hired to handle the computer systems of Democrats but the more we learned the worse it got.

The computer systems these Dems had given the Awans entree to allowed these foreign nationals access to classified information pertinent to national security.

Now, thanks to Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller, even more questions have arisen about whether anyone in the Democratic Party gives a shit about the American people who elected them.

Not only were the Awans stealing state secrets – and getting paid a multiple of what other House IT managers were getting paid while they were doing it – but they were also stealing electronic equipment.  In fact, they were stealing so much equipment that it amounted to one-tenth of Representative Yvette Clarke’s (D-NY) annual budget.

Bad, eh?  It gets worse.  The congresswoman chose to write the expenses off rather than report the theft when it was discovered.  Neither did she fire Abid Awan until many months later and only afterl House officials confronted her over the matter.

Clarke chose to become complicit in a cover up rather than report her chief of staff Shelley Davis’ involvement in the theft.  Davis was serving as Clarke’s chief of staff at the time the equipment was stolen. Much of the equipment – ipods, televisions, etc., – had nothing to do with official the conduct of House business.

It wasn’t until Clarke’s deputy chief of staff, Wendy Anderson came into the office one Saturday and caught part-time IT aide, Abid Awan, rummaging through the congresswoman’s work area with new iPods and other equipment strewn around the room, that she demanded he leave immediately.

Anderson began looking back through the congresswoman’s books and discovered that then chief of staff, Shelley Davis was working with Abid to defraud the congresswoman.  From here the story gets pretty murky.

After Anderson told Congresswoman Clarke about the scam she still refused to fire Abid.  Davis, who spent nine years as a senior advisor and personal assistant to Jesse Jackson at the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, wasn’t fired but has been separated from Clarke’s office.  That’s a soft landing for someone who committed grand larceny. Jackson taught him well.

And Anderson has moved on to become chief of staff to Congresswoman Val Demmings of Alabama’s 10th congressional district.