New Poll Comes Out That Shatters The Media Narrative & Obama’s Pride … Trump Is Winning!

Kirsters Baish| It’s no secret that President Donald Trump has been doing an incredible job since being inaugurated last January. According to the results of a daily poll released by Rasmussen on Tuesday, President Trump’s approval rating is now higher than former President Barack Obama’s at the same point in his own presidency.

Tuesday’s Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll revealed that 50 percent of likely voters in our country approve of President Trump’s job performance thus far. During the same point in former President Barack Obama’s presidency, the same poll found that only 43 percent of likely American voters approved of his job performance.

The poll surveys 500 likely United States voters via telephone. This poll has the tendency to give Donald Trump high approval ratings than some other polls do, and it has been more favorable towards Republicans than other polls. CNN conducted a poll earlier in the week using survey and market research firm SSRS. They found that President Trump’s approval rating was just around 35 percent, which they claim is matching “his lowest level yet.”

Taking into account numerous different polls, President Trump’s job performance ratings have been better in recent weeks. During the beginning of February, Rasmussen placed his approval rating at 49 percent. President Trump tweeted about the poll saying, “Other Trump polls are way up also. So why does the media refuse to write this? Oh well, someday!”

The last time that Rasmussen gave Trump a 50 percent approval rating was June of 2017. At that time, President Trump tweeted out the number and wrote, “That’s higher than O’s #s!” referring to former President Barack Obama.

President Trump has been making some much needed changes within our country, including the rebuilding of our economy. No one, not even the angriest liberal can deny that.

Fox Business reported:

On Friday, the U.S. Commerce Department said the economy grew at a rate of 2.6% in the fourth quarter of 2017, slightly below economists’ expectations of 3%.

For the year, the economy expanded at a rate of 2.3%, compared with 1.5% in 2016. The economy picked up steam over the course of the year, with GDP registering at just 1.4% during the first quarter, strengthening to 3.1% by the second and 3.2% in the third.

While the president inherited an improving economy, many companies have committed to increasing capital investments as a result of the newly-implemented tax reform overhaul, which could have a positive effect on growth moving forward.

President Trump and his administration are hoping that their new economic policies will push 4% economic growth within the next few years after their tax reform bill’s effects have been realized.

We also must take into account all that Trump is doing to put an end to the illegal immigration issue in our country. Trump’s border wall idea is the best thing that could possibly happen in terms of illegal immigration. It’s time for our government to finally do something to save American jobs and American lives from illegal aliens.

I have a feeling Trump’s approval ratings will only go up from here.