The New Economic Numbers Are In And America Is Back!

Kirsters Baish| We saw the United States economy plummet during the 8 years that former President Barack Obama was in office. Now that President Trump is in office, we are seeing a lot of changes for the better. We are now into President Trump’s second year in office, and our country’s economy is taking off. With some seriously hard work from the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress, February job growth revised upward to 313,000 full time positions. This completely obliterates the record of employed Americans.

CNBC reported that non-farm payroll jobs skyrocketed last month by more than 313,000. This “crushed” expectations from earlier in the month which predicted that job growth should be roughly around 200,000.

The unemployment rate stayed the same around 4.1%. This is the lowest that it’s been since December of 2000. The new information proves that our country has a record number of employed Americans at more than 155 million. This is the highest that number has been since the Bureau of Labor Statistics started tallying the numbers.

CNS News reported, “The number of employed Black Americans hit a record high of 19,087,000 last month, and a record 72,530,000 women 16 and older were counted as employed.”

Millions of Americans are making more money now that Trump is in office. American workers are receiving bigger bonuses overall, and people are gaining expanded benefits. This came after President Trump signed the new tax-code into law.

The video below was taken about a month after President Trump’s inauguration, and you can see just how much progress was already made at that point. Things are getting even better now.