New Approval Poll Following SOTU Has Trump Smiling Ear To Ear & Democrats Finished

Kirsters Baish| Last week’s State of the Union Address gave Americans a taste of just how much President Donald Trump cares about America. His approval ratings have reportedly hit their highest levels since March of last year. The American public has been supporting our Commander in Chief’s newly set agenda which followed his State of the Union speech on Tuesday evening.

A new Rasmussen report stated that President TRump’s daily tracking data shows a 49% of United States voters likely to approve of President Trump’s job performance thus far. These numbers have risen higher than they were on Election Day in 2016. On Election Day Trump had an approval rating of 46.1.

The poll explained, “The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Friday shows President Trump making substantial gains after Tuesday’s State of the Union speech, and achieving his highest voter approval since March 7, 2017.”

The poll shows that roughly 35 percent of registered voters in the United States “strongly approve” of President Trump’s agenda. They are likely pushed by strong economic growth and the skyrocketing stock market numbers.

The Daily Mail reported, “Rasmussen was among the few national polls that accurately predicted the election outcome which vaulted Trump to power. Unlike other polls that ask questions in live telephone interviews, it relies on push-button phone calls – meaning voters who like Trump’s performance in office aren’t required to say so out loud to another person.”

In case you missed President Trump’s 2018 State of the Union Address, you can watch the video below:

It’s great to see President Trump’s approval rating being bumped up since he’s been doing everything in his power to try and fix the issues that former President Barack Obama left in his wake. Let’s hope that Trump’s approval ratings continue to improve, because this would mean that Americans truly understand just what it means to put America first.