Neil Gorsuch Steps Up To Fire Shot That May Crush The Liberal Dream Forever & Restore Faith In Our American Republic

Kirsters Baish| We all saw the brutal fight over Neil Gorsuch, and we all remember how relieved we were when the Democrats lost that fight. They haven’t seemed to get over how Mitch McConnell gambled on Trump. No Democrat in the United States seriously thought that Trump would win. They were banking on waiting it out and getting their Democratic majority on the Supreme Court, but clearly things did not go as planned for the Democrats.

That liberal dream was crushed when President Donald Trump won and the things were not the same for the left after that. It seems as though this might be the end of the liberal dream, and Neil Gorsuch is the one putting an end to it.

Business Insider reported:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday will consider for the second time in two years whether to choke off a critical funding stream for public-employee unions, potentially reducing organized labor’s influence in the workplace and at the ballot box.Depriving unions of agency fees could hamstring their ability to spend in political races. They typically back Democratic candidates over Republicans.

In 2016, the case came before the Supreme Court and it was deadlocked at 4-4. This was before Neil Gorsuch was hand picked by Donald Trump and the Senate confirmed him. He is supposed to cast the deciding vote very soon.

This will make history, and according to history, Gorsuch is going to ruin things for the left if he decides against them… which he will.

When Gorsuch does decide against the left, he will be getting rid of a big source of the Democrats’ funding.

This will make it even harder for them to get their campaign funds. The Dems will be looking to Wall Street to find funding, if Wall Street even supports them after all of this.

Think back to when Gorsuch gave his Opening Statement last year. Below is the full video:

My, how far we have come.