Nancy Pelosi: “Mueller FIRED.” ““I’m So Furious I Can Barely Write This … ” – There’s Just One Problem

Kirsters Baish| For anyone who isn’t the biggest fan of California Democratic Representative and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, things are really starting to get interesting. While we continue to debate Pelosi’s sanity she has certainly been doing a good job of diminishing returns as House Minority Leader.

This is a woman who criticized President Trump in the past for not going to countries in alphabetical order. Although it seems that the Democrat might have been trying to make a joke, this isn’t the only strange thing she’s done. Actually, it’s far from it, and things have been getting worse lately. It doesn’t seem like Pelosi can get through a news conference without stammering and stuttering through the simplest responses.

Conservative Tribune wrote, “Pelosi’s foibles are funny in their own little way, albeit … well, somewhat indicative of someone reaching retirement age. However, they’ve mostly been humorous to those who cover politics as opposed to a serious sign she should go. (She’s given plenty of those with her policy positions, but that’s for another day.)”

Things might have changed big time on Friday, however. Pelosi decided to go off in a fundraising email under the guise of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The title of the email was “Mueller FIRED.”

Don’t worry, you’re all up to date on the news… Pelosi just doesn’t seem to be. There is a real issue at hand, but to be fair, Pelosi clears up what she meant in the email. Talk about a seriously misleading title.

The Washington Examiner reported that the email stated, “I’m so furious I can barely write this email. President Trump is inches away from firing Robert Mueller and derailing the entire Russia investigation.”

Does anyone besides Washington Democrats truly care about this whole Trump/Russia investigation? There is no proof supporting the Democratic Party’s claims against Trump, but that hasn’t stopped the “witch hunt” from continuing on for far too long.

Either Pelosi or one of her aides also wrote, “My Republican colleagues are actively HELPING him. They’re jeopardizing our democracy, our national security, and the safety of every election we hold. Frankly, they can’t be trusted.”

The email went on to claim that the way to send Republicans a “powerful message” is to begin a “massive 24-hour fundraising surge.” The email challenged Trump to fire Mueller and went on to claim that the Democrats would find a way to kick every single Republican out of office if he did so.

Conservative Tribune reported:

This has everything to do with sending a message and nothing to do with the fact that the Democrats, despite being tipped to have a good chance at winning the House and possibly Senate back this November, have been left relatively penurious after Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss. And you made sure to note in the email that this message could be sent directly in increments of $1, $35, $50, $100 and $250, assiduously hyperlinking the donation page for each amount to make sending that message easier than ever.

While it is possible that the email was composed by an intern, Nancy Pelosi certainly wasn’t “so furious” that she could “barely write this email.” The email was written one way or another. Obviously the mainstream media has kept their noses out of this one all together. It doesn’t look so good for the Democratic Party to have their House Minority Leader making the entire party look bad.

Trump’s response says it all.