Nancy Pelosi Heckled at Town Hall – Panics When Crowd Asks The One Question That Terrifies Her “How Much She’s ”

Kirsters Baish| Nancy Pelosi can’t seem to keep anything straight these days. It’s safe to say that retirement is nearing for the Democratic House Minority Leader. Her little town hall event on Tuesday didn’t quite go the way that she had planned. One seriously unhappy constituent questioned the House Minority Leader about “how much she’s worth.” This came after she bashed the tax cuts that the GOP recently passed.

Pelosi went so low as to quote Martin Luther King Jr. after the woman who remains unidentified started attacking. Pelosi said that the speaker was worth “hundreds of millions” as she pretended to be working for the American people.

Pelosi can claim that she is working for the American people as much as she wants to, but the truth of it is that she simply cares about pushing the liberal agenda. Pelosi is worth a boatload of money, but she’s part of the political party that urges others to donate all of their money to the “less fortunate.” It all just goes along with how hypocritical Pelosi and the rest of liberal America are.

“As Martin Luther King said, God never intended for one group of people to live in superfluous inordinate wealth while others live in abject, deadening poverty. So, these are kitchen table issues for most American families,” Nancy dumbly stated.

“How much are you worth Nancy? How much are you worth!?” screamed the woman. “You’re worth hundreds of millions of dollars!”

It seems like it’s about time that Pelosi retires from politics. Her days as part of the government are dragging on and on, and it’s about time that she take a break, a permanent one.