Comey’s Confidant Throws Deputy AG Rosenstein Right Under the Bus … Tells Congress His Plan to Overthrow Trump Was Not a Joke

Former lawyer for the FBI and known Comey supporter James Baker spoke to Congressional investigators, telling them that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s plan to wear a secret wire in order to have President Trump removed from office was not a joke, as Rosenstein previously claimed.

Rod Rosenstein spoke with FBI and Justice Department officials last year regarding the idea of wearing a wire in order to record the President. He was hoping to build a case against him, claiming that he was unfit to hold his current position.

The Deputy Attorney General started scheming up the idea to have Trump removed from office not long after disgraced former FBI Director James Comey was terminated, as reported by the New York Times. The Times cited memos written by then-Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe.

A subpoena was issued by the House Judiciary Committee for the memos written by McCabe, but Congress still doesn’t have them. Today is October 10th. To be clear, the decline was the 4th.

Rosenstein has also reportedly tried to influence members of the cabinet to invoke the 25th amendment in order to have Trump removed from office, as reported by the Times. The Deputy Attorney General didn’t waste any time in claiming that the New York Times had inaccurately reported on the matter, and that he was simply making a joke about wearing a wire.

Former FBI attorney James Baker is someone who has extensive knowledge regarding Andrew McCabe’s memos as well as his conversations with the Deputy Attorney General. Baker told Congress that Rosenstein was not joking at all.

John Solomon of The Hill reports:

Baker told Congress last week that his boss — then-Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe — was dead serious about the idea of surreptitiously recording the 45th president and using the evidence to make the case that Trump should be removed from office, according to my sources.

Baker told lawmakers he wasn’t in the meeting that McCabe had with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in which the subject came up. But he did have firsthand conversations with McCabe and the FBI lawyer assigned to McCabe, Lisa Page, about the issue.

“As far as Baker was concerned, this was a real plan being discussed,” said a source directly familiar with the congressional investigation. “It was no laughing matter for the FBI.”

Word of Baker’s testimony surfaces just days before Rosenstein is set to be interviewed in private on Thursday by House Judiciary Committee lawmakers.

“You walk away from the Baker interview with little doubt that the FBI leadership in that 2016-17 time-frame saw itself as far more than a neutral investigative agency but actually as a force to stop Trump’s election before it happened and then maybe reversing it after the election was over,” a source familiar with the investigation stated.

Baker resigned from his position on May 4th of this year. It was just last week that the former FBI attorney testified in a closed-door deposition, telling Congressional investigators that he had met with a lawyer from Perkins Coie, Michael Sussmann, in September of 2016. This was just a few weeks prior to the FBI obtaining a FISA warrant.

Things are just heating up. Stay tuned for more explosive news.

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