NAACP Leader Makes Shocking Admission About Liberal Policies in Black Community

Kirsters Baish| The state of California has been the center of headlines recently due to their epic failures in the political world. Recently, we saw the Mayor of Oakland place citizens of the city at risk by helping keep illegal aliens from federal law enforcement justice. We all know how this ended for Kate Steinle.

There is now a story on how the progressive socialist left has essentially screwed over the black community in the Bay Area. I doubt California Senator Kalama Harris is going to talk about it though.

The LA Times reported that black students in San Fransisco would be better off just about anywhere other than the state of California. The paper claimed that California schools tend to be segregated by race.

A local NAACP leader declared a “state of emergency” for black students. San Fransisco’s NAACP branch president, Reverend Amos C. Brown, stated, “The problem cannot be reduced to one sickness or one cure. Black students have been underachievers. They’re living in toxic situations. It’s amazing they’ve done as well as they have done, but it’s criminal that sophisticated children in progressive San Francisco are performing at these levels.”

Should we really be focusing on fixing what is already broken? Or, would a better solution be to start all over? This question has started a debate in Northern California.

The LA Times reported:

The district’s strategy targets changing instruction, hiring, school culture and instilling the belief that all kids can learn. Vincent Matthews, San Francisco Unified School District’s superintendent since May, is expected to present a detailed strategy for improvement early in the new year. An opposing plan from a controversial nonprofit called Innovate Public Schools calls for starting new schools — traditional public or charter — from scratch.

For decades, San Franciscans have called attention to the achievement gap. Following an NAACP lawsuit regarding discrimination, the city entered into a 1983 consent decree mandating desegregation. Since then, the district has changed its school assignment rules.”

I’m unsure where Nancy Pelosi or Barbara Lee’s voices in this are. They seem to be absent since San Fransisco is a city that is focused on protecting illegal immigrants, but black kids are stuck in low performing schools. This city is run by far left liberals, so what gives?

This is coming from a place where kids were graduating high school with around 50 percent unexcused absences.

The NAACP chapter in San Fransisco doesn’t seem to understand the irony in this statement. What makes a kid sophisticated? reported:

We need school finance reform, allowing the dollars to follow the student to the school of their choice — the school that can guarantee their success.

Progressive socialism appears sophisticated because it’s the preferred philosophy of the academic elites. It results in a very cancerous regression that hinders the individual from greater achievement, thereby restricting their liberty. What is the progressive socialist model of education is good for? Collective subjugation. And that’s why we have a generation of American kids incapable of critical thinking and open debate…they just collectively scream, shout, and run to their safe spaces.

The best model for education in America comes from the first black conservative, Booker T. Washington. Washington may not still recognize Tuskegee University today, nor would he have approved of the commencement address delivered by former first lady Michelle Obama who described victimhood and grievance mongering. Washington believed that a quality, relevant education enabled one to be a victor.

The progressive left are stooping to levels of indoctrination in order to promote the next generation to believe in their lies.