Hannity Looks Into Mueller, Turns Out He Is Not Half as Clean as Everybody Claims

Kirsters Baish| Outspoken conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity spent some of his time on Tuesday during his show to take a look at the past life of special counsel Robert Mueller. What he uncovered was truly amazing. The Fox News host was talking about a report from Fox News’ Sarah Carter when he cited Mueller’s career as a prosecutor back in the 1980’s. Back when Mueller was serving as assistant United States Attorney, four men were wrongfully convicted and sent to prison for a crime that they had nothing to do with. Hannity explained, “Robert Mueller’s career has been anything but impeccable.”

He continued, “One of the worst stains on his record comes from his time Boston, where he served as assistant U.S. attorney and acting U.S. attorney in the 80’s. During this time notorious Boston mob boss Whitey Bulger, he was actively engaged by the FBI as an informant. The relationship between Bulger and the bureau was wrought with nothing but corruption and criminal collusion.”