Mueller Investigation Rocked as Another Predicate Debunked. Evidence: Rosenstein Appointed Mueller to Destroy President in Order to Hide Intel Community Wrongdoing

Elder Patriot – We had been informed by leakers from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team of political assassins that Joseph Mifsud, the professor at the center of the allegations that George Papadopoulos who working for the Trump campaign, had met with Papadopoulos to discuss accessing Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.

According to an article by investigative reporter John Solomon writing for The Hill, that wasn’t true.  That’s because recently uncovered FBI documents reveal that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Mueller lied about the substance of the Papadopoulos-Mifsud meeting:=

“Documents I obtained from sources show Mifsud told the FBI in February 2017 that his contacts with Papadopoulos a year earlier, during the 2016 presidential campaign, were mostly innocuous. He made that point both in an FBI interview and a follow-up email to agents.

“He described the contacts as an academic exercise in pursuit of peace, not a global plot to hijack the election. And he went out of his way to say there was no talk of sinister cybersecurity intentions such as a plot to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“‘I reaffirm that the content of our conversations was always on wide geo-strategic issues,’ he wrote FBI agents on Feb. 11, in an email that was quickly sent to the very top of the FBI’s counterintelligence division. Mifsud sent the email just hours after agents interviewed him.

“He said the conversations mostly centered around ‘how the Trump then-campaign team looked to develop a conversation on Europe/UK … and with Russia’ and ‘the fallout in policy in the deteriorating relationship between the major countries in the world today.’”

Rosenstein knew this when he appointed Mueller as special counsel, and when he signed the final FISA warrant.