Mueller Covering Up Giving Podesta Brothers Crimes & Giving Them Immunity All So He Can Indict Manafort According To Report

Kirsters Baish| It was reported on Tuesday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is preparing to give five possible witnesses in the Paul Manafort trial immunity. This information comes from a Tuesday court filing. There is now reason to believe that two of the five witnesses being offered immunity are the crooked Podesta brothers, who might as well be the poster boys of the Democrat Party.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is filing the immunity requests while Manafort facts charges of bank and tax fraud. His trial is set to begin next Wednesday and will take place in the Eastern District of Virginia.

We must make clear that the identities of the five potential witnesses have not been released to the public as of yet, nor have they been charged.

NBC reporter Tom Winter tweeted, “NEW: The Special Counsel’s Office notifies the court that they will seek immunity for up to 5 people to testify under conditions of immunity in the upcoming trial against Paul Manafort in Virginia. They say these people have not been publicly named before in the case.”

Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel has stated that they are not sure if they will be calling any of the five witnesses to testify. This is why they are looking to file for immunity under seal.

Tom Winter wrote on Twitter, “The Special Counsel’s Office says they aren’t sure if they will call any of the witnesses so they want to file the requests for immunity under seal.”

Winter later expanded and wrote, “From the filing: “’The motions indicate that the named individuals will not testify or provide other information on the basis of their privilege against self-incrimination, and that the government is requesting that the Court compel them to testify at the upcoming trial.'”

Then Winter tweeted out, “Before people jump to conclusions it is important to note that this potential testimony could be tied to prior ‘bad acts’ SCO has indicated pay be presented. We also don’t know who and what they may testify to. This happens in trial.”

We are now left believing that two of the five witnesses being discussed are the crooked Podesta brothers, who have ties to the Clintons.

If you aren’t aware of who the Podesta brothers are and just how deep their ties run, here’s a quick recap. John Podesta worked as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Campaign Manager. During this time period his emails were leaked to the public in the weeks leading up to the election. Podesta’s emails had multiple incidents involving criminal acts, unethical behavior, as well as pay for play Clinton schemes. It was also reported that Paul Manafort had worked for the Podestas at one point. Everything about this screams criminal behavior.