MSM Blackout: 14 Year-Old-Boy “Separated” From Parents For Eternity By Illegal Immigrant After Deadly Hit & Run

Kirsters Baish| The mainstream media has been all over the Trump administration for their enforcement of a border policy which separates children from their “parents,” a policy which was put in place by George W. Bush’s administration and in place during the Obama administration as well. Now that the Russian collusion narrative has totally fallen apart, the left has found something else to complain about when it comes to President Trump.

The thing is, they really need to look at the facts before they start crying about a humanitarian crisis.

If you are truly trying to become a citizen of the United States, follow the rules. Do it legally by simply going to a border control entry point. Families will not be separated if they do this. When someone enters the country illegally, they cannot play the “asylum” card. Under the Obama administration, the enforcement of this law was rather lax, which made things even worse for immigrant children. This made it much easier for children to be smuggled into the country by someone other than a relative with the sole purpose of being sold into human trafficking.

Diamond and Silk explained that “what’s often left out of the story is that the adults the children are with have just committed a crime and subjected the kids to all kinds of danger from inhospitable terrain to cartels and human traffickers. And they often compound that separation by lying and making an invalid asylum claim. Not exactly sterling parenting. If they enter illegally they are generally out within days and sent back quickly with their children. If they alleged asylum, it requires the government to process it and on average it’s talking about a month and a half. 80% of the claims are found to be invalid. Parents are then reunited with kids.”

There is a story that the mainstream media has been conveniently ignoring in the midst of all their complaining about immigration policy. This story has to do with a 14-year-old boy from Michigan who was “separated” forever from his family by an illegal immigrant who killed him in a hit and run accident.

Conservative Tribune reported that 21-year-old Miguel A. Ibarra Cerda, an illegal alien, was arraigned this past Thursday after being charged with the hit-and-run death of Justin Lee, a 14-year-old boy from Michigan.

The Detroit News wrote, “Police said Justin, a freshman at Walled Lake Western High School, was riding a friend’s bike on Potter Road near Flamingo Street on Monday night when witnesses said he was struck by a blue Honda Odyssey minivan that immediately sped away. The minivan had been driven in excess of speed limits and was on the wrong side of the road when the crash occurred, knocking Lee into a ditch … The teen later was pronounced dead at an area hospital.”

This animal hit a young boy and left him to die in a ditch. No child should have to die like that.

Conservative Tribune reports:

Cerda, a Mexican national who worked at a local Burrito King restaurant, was charged with reckless driving causing death and leaving the scene of an accident, which could result in 15 years behind bars. He pleaded not guilty to the charges. Bail was set at $350,000.

Breitbart reported that Cerda was in the country illegally and had been trying to flee back to Mexico at the time of his arrest.

“We are so grateful to police for their quick work on this and making an arrest,” Pattie Warner-Lee, the victim’s mother, told reporters outside the courtroom, according to the Detroit News.

The deceased boy’s mother recalls her last moments with her beloved son, “I had just made him something to eat after school and he was returning a friend’s bike to him when this happened a couple blocks from our house. I remember him kissing me on the head before leaving the house and telling me he loved me. He was a very kind person. The kind who is so funny he could pick you up when you were at your lowest. One younger boy came by the house crying after hearing of Justin’s death. He told me how Justin had stood up for him when he was bullied on the school bus. He called my son his hero. His dreams were to go on to University of Michigan after high school to play football and study forensic science. I believe he would have done both.”

Where is the media’s support for this grieving family? They ought to be ashamed.