Mexican President Stabs President Trump & America In The Back: Guarantees Migrant Caravan ‘Safe Passage’ to US According to Fox News Report

Fox News reporter William La Juenesse has been carefully following the migrant caravan traveling from Central America to the United States. He reported on Sunday that the caravan made multiple stops at some important places, but the mainstream media has not been reporting on it.

The caravan, which departed originally from Honduras, tore through a fence at the Mexican border this past weekend. The group was stopped by Mexican officials on a bridge in order for some to be evaluated to enter legally. Other travelers, however, jumped off the bridge and illegally crossed the border.

When the migrants arrived in Mexico, the number of travelers coming to America (with the intentions of entering the country illegally) grew. writes:

La Juenesse made several important observations during his Sunday report.

He noted that the group had grown and that it was now believed to be between 6900 and 7500 people now.

He explained that more Guatemalans and even Mexicans were joining the march. Some Mexicans who had been previously deported from the United States were hoping this was their chance to get back in and so they were among those joining.

La Juenesse also observed that while there were women and children in the caravan that it was mostly young, single men who said they were hoping to find work in the United States.

It was also reported that Mexicans were actually helping those on the caravan, offering rides and housing.

The most shocking part of the whole thing is that Mexico had previously taken a public stance against the caravan, claiming that they would help stop it before it made it to the United States’ southern border.

La Juenesse stated that the Mexican president, Enrique Pena Nieto, had went so far as to guarantee the countries of Honduras and Guatemala that their people who are traveling with the caravan would have “safe passage” through his country, all the way to the United States.

After the police first tried to stop the caravan from entering, they began using a more “hands-off” approach.

The Fox News report in the Tweet below claims the Mexican President “has told the Presidents of Honduras and Guatemala, that he has assured these people safe passage through Mexico, up to the United States”:

It’s going to be one heck of a next few weeks headed into the mid-terms.

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