Monica Lewinsky Comes Out Of The Shadows To Drop Another Bomb On The Clintons & The Hypocrisy Of The Left

Kirsters Baish| Monica Lewinsky has just come forward to call the Clintons and the rest of the left out on who they really are. Since her days as the intern who was at the center of former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment after he was caught having a sexual relationship with her, Lewinsky has done her best to keep out of the headlines. Anytime she shows her face, she usually winds up embarrassing the entire Clinton family.

Lewinsky has just come forward with a statement for the left, and the way that they treat the Clinton family.

Lewinsky sent out a tweet on Wednesday in which she mocked someone (who remains anonymous) who sent her an invitation to an event, but then rescinded her invitation when Bill Clinton decided to show up.

The former Clinton era White House intern didn’t give the name of the event organizer, but the Huffington Post decided to out them. It wasn’t more than an hour after Lewinsky sent out her tweet that the Huffington Post outed the organization as Town & Country magazine.

Conservative Tribune reports:

According to the Huffington Post, Clinton attended a “summit” hosted by Town & Country on Wednesday in New York City, where he introduced young Emma Gonzalez, one of the teenagers who has turned February’s mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Florida, into an extended 15 minutes of fame. That was the event Lewinsky had been banned from.

Lewinsky then posted a second tweet which implied that Town & Country tried to bribe her by offering a section of their magazine for an article.

Outspoken conservative actor James Woods tweeted in support of Lewinsky’s comments.

One of Woos’ followers knew exactly what to say:

The Clintons are always experiencing special treatment. Town & Country did apologize for the situation, but it was too late. The damage was already done, and their reputation is going to take a hit for this one.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham reminded Americans this week that the left pretends to care about women’s issues, but when it comes down to the individual woman, they don’t seem to care at all.

Town & Country showed their cards when they invited Bill Clinton to the event in the first place. They had to have known that Americans were going to see them for what they are.

The Clinton privilege has been thrown in our faces time and time again. This was just another reminder that the Clintons are untouchable. Times are changing, however. The Clinton’s won’t be untouchable forever.