Donald Trump Just Laid Down The Law: If The Migrant Caravan Is Not Stopped No More Money & Aid For Honduras

President Trump took to Twitter this Tuesday to issue a warning to the Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez.

He wrote, “The United States has strongly informed the President of Honduras that if the large Caravan of people heading to the U.S. is not stopped and brought back to Honduras, no more money or aid will be given to Honduras, effective immediately!”

The President is talking about the numerous reports which have stated that a caravan carrying 1,600 to 2,000 immigrants had began to make its way from northern Honduras this past Friday. Fox News reported that the caravan was traveling with the intent of heading to Mexico and America.

Reuters reported that the numerous of immigrants traveling with the caravan had reached closer to 3,000 as the group made its way into Guatemala.

The President’s Twitter warning came just a few days after Vice President Pence begged South America, “Tell your people: Don’t put your families at risk by taking the dangerous journey north to attempt to enter the United States illegally,” according to the Associated Press.

Conservative Tribune reports:

Police at the Guatemalan border tried to stop the migrants, according to the AP, but ultimately let them through when the migrants refused to return.

Now it appears the task has befallen Trump himself. The president has long made immigration policies one of his top priorities, so it’s hardly a surprise he’s taking a proactive approach to this caravan.

While Trump will undoubtedly face resistance from the unhinged left regarding his Twitter ultimatum, the president has all the leverage in this case.

USAID reports that the United States has contributed over $300 million to Honduras in aid between 2016 and 2017. Keep in mind that 2017 is a “partially reported year” currently, so that amount could be much bigger.

This is a huge amount of money for a country as poor as Honduras. Something had better be done about the migrant caravan soon, or Honduras could see serious repercussions from President Trump, who has been more than generous thus far.

Like the Associated Press writes, Honduras is not doing well, even though America has contributed millions. Roughly 65 percent of Honduras is impoverished. A shocking number of citizens survive on just a couple of dollars per day.

Honduras has also claimed the title as the country with the highest homicide rate.

Things are only going to get worse for Honduras if they don’t listen to President Trump’s warning and turn the caravan around. They cannot afford to lose his vital monetary aid.

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