Melania Trump Leaves The White House To Go on “Top Secret” Trip, Her Destination Reveals Her True Character: Visiting Wounded Vets

Kirsters Baish| First Lady Melania Trump is just about as classy as they come. While the mainstream media and liberal America have continually tried to tarnish her name and attack her, she still manages to comprise herself with grace and elegance. If she were married to just about anyone other than Donald Trump, the left would love her. She’s an immigrant who speaks five languages. Unfortunately, the left decided from the beginning that they hated Trump, and that’s not about to change. They will continue to project their hatred for him onto her.

But Melania isn’t about to let a bunch of bitter liberals break her stride. She showed just how much respect she has for the men and women who serve our great nation this week when she decided to sneak away from the White House to take a “secret” trip.

The Daily Caller reports that on Tuesday, Mrs. Trump made a special visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland in order to pay visits to wounded service members and their loved ones.

Melania Trump sent out a tweet after the trip, calling it a “wonderful visit.” She also thanked our country’s service members as well as the staff who is dedicated to taking care of our wounded soldiers.

It wasn’t too long ago that the Trump administration donated large quantities of food to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center after the President made the decision to cancel the congressional picnic due to the immigration issues our country is currently seeing.

Mrs. Trump’s “secret” visit this week is not unlike her unannounced visits to areas in Texas and Arizona. There, she visited immigrant children who had been temporarily separated from their families at the border. reports:

Stephanie Grisham, the first lady’s spokeswoman, tweeted that Mrs. Trump was visiting the “combat injured service members & their families.”

Mrs. Trump tweeted later on Tuesday that she had a “wonderful visit” and offered thanks to the “many dedicated service members & medical staff who take such good care of our men & women in uniform.”

The Walter Reed stop followed recent separate trips by the first lady that were not publicized until she arrived at her destinations in Texas and Arizona along the US-Mexico border. She visited migrant children who have been separated from their families under her husband’s crackdown on illegal immigration.

The first lady also spent five days as a patient at Walter Reed hospital in Bethesda, Maryland, following kidney surgery in May.

It really is a shame that the left chooses to hate Melania, despite all of the good that she does. This woman took the time out of her busy life to pay her respects to members of our country’s military, because she understands the sacrifices that they make every single day. It’s great to see that we have a First Lady who respects the military and all they do for our country.