Media Finally Covers The Illegal Migrant Kids OBAMA Locked Up In Cages … But There’s Just One Catch … They Are Using The Images To Blame Trump

Kirsters Baish| It’s pretty ironic that the left is continually blaming President Donald Trump and his administration for the policy of separating illegal immigrant families at the border. It is important to keep in mind that this policy was put into place by George W. Bush’s administration, and former President Barack Obama did nothing to try and reverse the law. No matter what the mainstream media wants you to think, the truth is that former President Barack Obama threw illegal immigrant children in cages and gave them tin foil sheets to keep warm. But, the media will try to tell you that Trump is to blame.

For weeks, the media has been bashing the Trump White House for their zero tolerance policy in enforcing the law. They have been publishing pictures of illegal immigrant children in holding cells, some photos showing children using tin foil sheets to sleep. The thing is, not all of the photos that have been going around are even from the Trump administration era. Many of these photos are actually from the time that Obama was in office.

AZ Central released a “First Look” article that contained photos from 2014… when Barack Obama was still in office.

This practice was taking place throughout the Bush administration as well as the Obama administration. So, why are the Democrats making such a big deal out of this policy of separating illegal immigrant families now? The answer is quite simple. They are just trying to find something else to blame on President Trump.

TIME magazine took it a step farther and decided to use the cropped photo of a little girl from Honduras, who was photographed after her own mother kidnapped her and attempted to cross the border illegally with her. TIME magazine decided to make Trump look like the bad guy. There was no mention of the mother having broken the law.

The image of the “Crying Girl” has been all over the internet in recent weeks. The left is claiming that the girl was separated from her mother by United States Border Patrol Agents at the border between the United States and Mexico, but the truth is that the two were never separated.

The best part of all this fake news? It has totally backfired on the Democrats. The Obama White House-era photos of illegal immigrant children in cages have actually begun to deter illegals from making the trip across the border.

One immigrant from Tijuana, Mexico explained that they are unsure about crossing the border illegally after having seen the images. At the Tijuana-California border she explained, “I don’t want to lose my kids. If it comes to a choice where I have to choose between my kids and crossing, I’ll keep my kids.”

Take a look at the video below: