Media Black Out As Crazed Liberals Savagely Ambush Christians & Trump Supporters In Vicious Attack

Kirsters Baish| The liberals of the violent extremist activist group Antifa attacked a Trump supporter from the Patriot Prayer group in Portland, Oregon this past Saturday. Since the 2016 presidential election, Antifa has had numerous run-ins with Conservatives, which have ended in violence. It looks like the most recent clash ended up in bloodshed as one Trump supporter lay gushing blood from his head in the street after being clubbed down by an Antifa thug.

Police in Portland were getting ready for bloodshed and violence at the rally, all while trying to prevent criminals from bringing firearms into the event. Their fears came true on Saturday when an Antifa member struck a conservative activist in the back of the skull with what seemed to be a flag pole.

It only took a mere second before the conservative activist fell to the ground, clutching his head as blood ran from the wound.

“Man down. He’s dripping blood from his head. This is serious. He got in a struggle with some black clad dudes over a flag and one of them clubbed him. Video coming,” reported Mike Bivins on Twitter.

“Video shows a struggle for a flag and then a black-clad person hit this dude in the head before he drops. I was watching the blood pour out of his head and into the street,” he also tweeted.

Take a look at the video:

Joe Palmer reported, “Another person clubbed int he head by Antifa, bleeding, and being tended to be Portland Police.”

Masked Antifa protesters could be heard chanting, “All cops are bastards!”

Mike Bivins wrote, “‘ACAB all cops are bastards’ black-clad antifascists chant as they approach The waterfront.”

“BREAKING: POLICE JUST OREDERED ANTIFA (group on the west side of Naito) TO LEAVE THE AREA. Cop on loudspeaker cites armed counterprotesters as the reason,” Mike Bivins wrote.

On June 30th, the two groups also clashed, which was the most recent account on record. That particular rally was dubbed as a riot by Portland authorities. As Antifa and Patriot Prayer continue to fight with one another, the leader of Patriot Prayer, Joey Gibson, was able to score a city permit to hold their rally. Unfortunately, police broke up the event despite the fact that they had a permit.