Trump: Hell Yes, We Will Deploy The US Military To Deal With The Invading Caravan & Keep Them Out Of The United States

President Donald Trump has announced that he will be sending troops to keep the caravan carrying nearly 14,000  migrants which is heading to the United States with the intention of entering illegally out of the country.

The problem with the liberal claim that these people are all seeking asylum is that they cannot just enter the country illegally to do so, because that’s breaking the law. Herman Cain penned a piece for Western Journal which ran on Tuesday in which he explained, “Political asylum is something you seek when you personally need to get out of danger that’s posed to you in the form of an oppressive regime that will get you if you don’t get to safety. There is no such threat to 5,000 people all at once, and even if there was, it isn’t coming from Mexico, which is where they are right now.”

Fox News reported:

In an interview aboard Air Force One on Monday, President Trump made clear there was no limit to the number of troops he’s willing to send to the border to address the growing migrant caravan quickly making its way through hot and humid temperatures in Mexico to the U.S. border.

The president previously vowed to send the U.S. military, as opposed to the National Guard, to confront the group, which the United Nations now estimates is over 7,200 members strong. Dramatic footage over the weekend showed the caravan, which is at least 1,100 miles from the U.S. border, defying Trump’s warnings and smashing a border fence, as migrants flooded into Mexico despite the presence of riot police.

Trump told USA Today in an interview that “people from the Middle East” are among the thousands of migrants in the caravan, echoing remarks he made on Twitter Monday morning, when he complained there were MS-13 gang “criminals and unknown Middle Easterners mixed in.” The president did not elaborate.

For all we know, that caravan could be carrying members of Al Qaeda, gangs, ISIS, the list goes on. How can the left claim that we should just open the border and let these people into our country without so much as a background check? Those legitimately seeking asylum go through the proper vetting process to enter the country, otherwise they’re breaking the law.

Doesn’t it also seem a little bit fishy that this migrant caravan, which is carrying people who will without a doubt be voting blue, is making its’ way to the United States just as we are coming up on the crucial midterm elections?

Herman Cain pondered:

For one thing, if you’re really in danger and in need of asylum, you don’t make a grand public show of your journey and encourage the media to come and cover your every move. That tends to alert the tyrannical political authorities from whom you’re supposed to be fleeing. It gets you captured, brought back in chains and thrown in jail as the political prisoner you were supposedly afraid you’d end up as, thus prompting your quest for asylum.

None of that is happening here. As evidence of that, you’ll note that some of the caravan members have already sought political asylum in Mexico. Now why is that important? Because the others with them are already in Mexico. If Mexico is a place where you’re safe from oppression, why do you then need to seek asylum in the United States? You don’t.

And if you’ve already been told that when you get to the U.S. border there will be troops waiting to stop you, why would you go right toward that spot regardless? Because you’re looking for a confrontation with cameras rolling, expecting to get full support from the American news media and the entire left side of the American political spectrum.

If you go through the proper steps to enter the country legally, you will be granted access. It’s that simple.

Cain explains that the caravan wasn’t some citizen effort, but rather it was organized by a leftist political named Bartolo Fuentes. The Honduran congressman used Facebook to put the caravan together. He explains that the Honduran government is working to get the caravan to turn around, but this won’t happen because the whole thing was always just a political stunt.

This liberal tactic to create some sort of “blue wave” in the midterm elections is failing miserably. President Trump isn’t going to let that caravan cross the border, so the whole thing was all for naught.

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