McCain Panics After Top Associate PLEADS THE FIFTH in ‘Trump Dossier’ Probe

Kirsters Baish| An associate of “Republican” Arizona Senator John McCain and former official at the United States of America State Department just invoked the fifth amendment. Fox News reported that he has explained that he will not be speaking with the House Intelligence Committee’s probe into the fabricated “Trump Dossier.” 

That man is David Kramer. He is a very important person behind Christopher Steele’s fabricated Trump “dossier.” He will not speak with Congressional investigators when it comes to his part in giving the FBI the dossier two years ago in 2016.

Representative Devin Nunes has been working for weeks to figure out if the dossier was utilized in order to obtain FISA warrants on the Trump campaign in order to surveil them in the race all the way to Inauguration Day. 

Inside sources have stated that the former State Department official was handed the subpoena which said that he was to appear in front of Representative Nunes’ Committee back in January. It still has not happened as we approach March.

Fox News confirmed that a “law enforcement source confirmed, however, that Kramer did not appear and has exercised his Fifth Amendment rights.”

Kramer has refused to speak with Congressional investigators about his relationship with the dossier writer and former British spy Christopher Steele. This leaves us all with some questions about legalities and ethics about the FBI and the State Department’s part in making and promoting the anti-Trump dossier.

The Hill released a video when Kramer was issued his subpoena: